Friday, January 17, 2014

A Time to keep my mouth shut, A Time to....

Customer's always right, right?

You know and I know it's just not true.

So today I'm at the $.99 store. I'm at the cash register and the cashier is dealing with a customer that is ahead of me. The customer is a lady who is being mean to the cashier. She just keeps giving her grief and won't let up.

After cashier is done with that customer, she's ready to move on to the next. There are 2 bananas lying on the belt in front of customer's other items. Cashier asks if the bananas are hers. No they belong to previous delightful customer. Cashier will give previous customer the 2 bananas, but she will have to pay for them. Customer gives cashier grief saying she's already paid for them. Cashier looks for receipt to see if that is true which both she and customer know it's not. Customer says "I'll pay for them again". She is charged $.25 for 2 bananas and then scowls at cashier for not saying "thank you".

Really, I wanted to stay out of it, but I couldn't. I told the lady that she's a bitch. A few other words were exchanged, but truly, she was the ugliest and rudest person I've come across in a long time.

Then after she left and cashier is dealing with me, we make small talk and she then apoligizes for the other customer. I told her "please, don't apoligize for her". So now it's her fault that the customer treated her like shit and she has to apoligize to me. The wackiness just keeps building.

She finishes with my order, I'm set to leave but what happens? She finds it necessary to apoligize one more time.

She was a nice girl, but I wanted to wack her upside the head too.


  1. Have you ever actually worked retail or in a service industry? I have, all of my life. Customers are often wrong, stupid, rude, crude and coarse. But don't blame the cashier, she is trained and coached to do what she did, to apologize. It's not right, it's wrong, but she could get fired at some companies by having a more straight forward, common sense approach. Blame the corporate head office. This cashier has enough troubles. I assure you, given a choice, she'd do something else if she could right now.

  2. "I told the lady she's a bitch." Wow, nice work. I laughed a little when I read this. Still, seems like you could have said something a little more creative than that. Saying anything positive to the cashier would have done much more to lift her spirits.