Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Post Op Nurse

 An interesting job would be a post-op nurse. They are the ones who are around you after you wake up from surgery. The drugs used to put one to sleep during an operation have for real some kind of truth serum in it.

You know how when you have conversations but rarely get up close and personal? Well, when I woke up from my operation last week, there was the post-op nurse beside me. She just let me talk and I soon told her intimate details of my life. In fact, more intimate than my wife even knows. 

So if I'm not a one-off, others experience the same thing I do. Therefore, being a post-op nurse, they must have some interesting stories to tell.

That's a big reason I like Jehovah's Witnesses. Where else can you walk up to some random person and talk about the great issues of life.

If you ever want to get a load off your mind, and can't afford an hour with a psychologist, seek out where the Witnesses hang out. Usually, I find them in parks (by two). If you're lucky they might be hot chicks, but that's not been my experience. 

Monday, February 12, 2024

3 Big Days of My Life


I went to the library on campus (Cerritos College). This is back in the latter '70s. Even though I always loved libraries, that day I made a discovery I had never known before. I understood the power of libraries and how I could use them to access any information I needed. Coming upon the realization, I went outside the library and sat on a bench in front. I sat there in glorious happiness soaking in what I had just learned. 

My second "Aha" moment came in 1995. That's the year Microsoft came out with GUI (graphical user interface) instead of MSDOS. From there, I'd spend so much time getting on the internet via a company called America Online better known as America Offline. But realizing then what I just discovered, again, I just went outside, sat on my porch steps, and thought of the wonders of the internet and my new reality.

My 3rd "Aha" came less than a month ago, Jan 15. I call it my reborn again day. I learned how a diode works. I've studied diodes for ~50 years, but I never truly got it. (The valence shell with the 4 electrons, allowing them to pass in one direction). I kinda knew before, but that day I knew. And since that day, the floodgates have opened up. I've been able to absorb information/knowledge like never before in my life.

What's interesting about these "3 big days" is they all revolve around knowledge. There's so much to know, so much to learn, and it's sitting, waiting. I especially love watching YouTube videos followed by Wikipedia. Here's a trick if you want to learn something quick, but don't want to watch 5-20 minutes of bullshit on YT. In the YouTube search bar, type in #shorts then the subject. That way if there's a topic of interest and a video has been made of that in "shorts", it'll pop up. Great time saver.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Slava Ukraini. Heroyam Slava.

 I totally support President Zelinski and the people of Ukraine.

The civilized world, knowing the lessons from WWII, that if we don't stop Russia now, we're in a world of shit. There's a reason why Finland joined NATO and Sweden, long a neutral country, is itself trying to join NATO.

And countries around the world are helping Ukraine. 

A couple of YouTube channels I follow are Anna From Ukraine, Jake Broe, and Denys Davydov.

All are wonderful blogs. Anna reminds me of the girl protagonist in the movie "All the Light We Cannot See". I seriously pray the FSB doesn't get to her. Brave woman.

Jake is from the US and does a great job.

Denys is a pilot (from Ukraine) and used to do pilot videos. Now with the war, I'm guessing he's exclusively doing videos about the war. Also, I subscribe to his telegram channel, where he posts pictures and videos that aren't allowed on YT.

Banana Chips (Part Deux)

 So yes, I had my oatmeal for breakfast.

Yeah, I cried.

No more my Sweet Dulce.

Banana Chips

Most mornings I have oatmeal for breakfast. Sweet Dulce, (my girl in the pic above) would always be there to share my banana. I oftened thought, "what's it going to be like the first time I cut bananas for my oatmeal, and Dulce's not here?". This morning I'll be finding out.

Dulce passed away last night. To say I loved Dulce would not do justice. Only people who have pets can understand the deep love we have for our animals. 

Dulce, from the very beginning, had me wrapped around her little paw. And I was wrapped around her paw until the day she died. Dulce was an independent ol' cus. In her younger years, she really didn't like being petted. I'd go to pet her, and she'd be like "fuck off" and get away from me. It never bothered me, in fact, it would crack me up. It wasn't until the later years, she would let me love on her all I wanted.

I don't know the bond Dulce had with me, but for me, the bond I had with Dulce was like no other. I never had dogs growing up, but I think if I did, I would have been a different person in my youth. Dulce, in her way, humanized me. She brought something out of me I didn't know was there. She was my best friend, I loved her so.

Goodbye, Sweet Dulce, you brought me much happiness in all the years we were together.