Thursday, September 13, 2012

Girl buys house at 14

Here's a link about a girl who bought her first house at 14. It also shows her on the Ellen D. show talking about how she did it.

Now imagine this: If this young lady was to maximize her ROTH IRA of $5000/year for every year until she turns 59, at 6% her IRA is valued at $1.132 million. That's tax free.

So right now, being that her income is so low, she'd pay almost no taxes to fund a ROTH IRA, and then when she's in a high tax bracket later, she'd have over $1 million saved that is tax free monies. Also any other money that those monies further make. Forever....

Imagine if she was able to put 2 more deals together before she's 18 and have the houses paid off, drawing $1000/month rent from each property. She in all reality could retire before she even enters the work force.

Another thing, her options truly become her options. She doesn't have to stand on the corner holding a sign making $10/hour so she can get her next meal. Most likely by 20 she'll consult and charge $250-$500/hour for her services.

Here's another well written story about this remarkable young lady.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

This speech is given by Doug Lisle. He's also the author of one of the greatest books on nutrition--"The Pleasure Trap".

If you think you lose weight by eating less food and exercising, you're in for a big surprise. Are people who are successful at losing weight and staying that way because of will power? Find out in this fantastic talk by Dr Lisle.