Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On my previous Post

The above picture is a security guard at Kaanapali, Maui airport. He's playing solitare behind his podium. Not a busy airport.

Back to the internet and my previous post. I don't watch much TV nowadays. I spend way more time on the internet. When I do watch TV, it's either to watch golf, which I Tivo or the Food Network (also Tivoed). In fact, a few months ago I was at my Father in law's house watching TV and it was really depressing watching all those commercials. My God, there's a lot of commercials. That's one of the reasons I don't listen to talk radio either. I just can't be bothered with all the commercials.

And when it comes to network news, I don't trust them. They definitely are biased toward Obama, and do not report the news in an honest fashion. And of course they fear monger. Fear sells, and they do a good job of promoting it. As Dennis Prager says, it's the proctologist's view of the world. And then the network news business now seems nothing more than a platform for the phamaceutical business.

MSM, ie, Network news, and major newspapers are dying. And good riddence. People like Dan Rather I loathe.

Another Reason--Internet

Another reason I love the internet. Many times I read my newspapers, look at my Google reader subscriptions and then I'm pretty much finished wondering what else to look at. Then I stumble on something that takes me into many different exciting directions. So I'm over at "Instapundit" and he links to an interview that he did via Pajamas TV. While watching the interview, I link to the author's blog, subscribe to it for my Google Reader, order the "Improv" book that he talks about from Amazon, and then order a few of his books that he's written from the library. Then I read one of his blog posts about "Just showing up", and I realize how that is useful for my business. And steps I can use both for my business and also for my Toastmaster's speech I'm giving tomorrow.

It amazes me (as I've said before) how people can be nonchalant about the internet. I would put it's importance with the industrial revolution, and it may even surpass that. And yet this technological marvel is something that many, especially the older generation, is passive about.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Don't Believe It

This from the Washington Post

My God, I'm on a roll. Look at my other posts today. From the Washington Post, Huffington Post and London Telegraph.

World's Oldest Man

USA Today article about the world's oldest man.

He says what I have mentioned previously in this blog. Basically, it's simply about calorie restriction (CR). Imagine if he coupled that with superior nutrition?

Huffington Post

Can you believe this came from the Huffington Post?

This is about the billions spent to give to the banks.

French President-Nuclear

Can you imagine? We have the French President taking the US President to task for being too dovish.

Obama: “We must never stop until we see the day when nuclear arms have been banished from the face of the earth.”
Sarkozy: “We live in the real world, not the virtual world. And the real world expects us to take decisions.”
The rest of Sarkozy’s remarks were, well, remarkable:
“President Obama dreams of a world without weapons … but right in front of us two countries are doing the exact opposite.

“Iran since 2005 has flouted five security council resolutions. North Korea has been defying council resolutions since 1993.

“I support the extended hand of the Americans, but what good has proposals for dialogue brought the international community? More uranium enrichment and declarations by the leaders of Iran to wipe a UN member state off the map,” he continued, referring to Israel.

The sharp-tongued French leader even implied that Mr Obama’s resolution 1887 had used up valuable diplomatic energy.

“If we have courage to impose sanctions together it will lend viability to our commitment to reduce our own weapons and to making a world without nuke weapons,” he said.

Mr Sarkozy has previously called the US president’s disarmament crusade “naive.”

No American newspapers seem to have featured Sarkozy’s justifiably derisive remarks about Obama’s naivete regarding the realities of nuclear technology. Still we can be grateful for the freedom of the press, as embodied and celebrated by the Newseum — including the chilling reconstruction of segments of the Berlin Wall. These serve as a reminder that however oppressive or myopic the powers-that-be, news cannot be stifled.

Obama and Russia

Wow, I never thought I'd read this in the London Telegraph. Is it possible that some may be waking?

Barack Obama: President Pantywaist restores the satellite states to their former owner

By Gerald Warner World Last updated: September 18th, 2009

Barack Obama’s chances of re-election in three and a half years’ time may be evaporating at unprecedented speed, but his presidential ambitions could still be realised in another direction. He would be a shoo-in to win the next Russian presidential election, so high is his popularity now running in the land of the bear and the knout. Obama has done more to restore Russia’s hegemonial potential in Eastern and Central Europe than even Vladimir Putin.

His latest achievement has been to restore the former satellite states to dependency on Moscow, by wimping out of the missile defence shield plan. This follows on his surrender last July when he voluntarily sacrificed around a third of America’s nuclear capability for no perceptible benefit beyond a grim smile from Putin. If there is one thing that fans the fires of aggression it is appeasement.

Despite propaganda to the contrary, 58 per cent of Poles were in favour of the missile shield. But small nations must assess the political will of larger powers. Thanks to President Pantywaist’s supine policies, the former satellite states can see that they are fast returning to their former status. The American umbrella cannot be relied upon on a rainy day. They have been here before. Poles remember how a leftist US president sold them out to Russia at Tehran and Yalta. The former Czechoslovakia was betrayed twice: in 1938 and 1945.

If the word is out that America is in retreat, it will soon find it has no friends. The satellites will pragmatically accept their restored subordination, without openly acknowledging it, and co-operate with their dangerous neighbour, ushering in a new generation of Finlandisation.

Bringing unstable states like Georgia into Nato would be a liability, not a defence. The crazy notion of a US-Nato-Russian combined defence policy has all the staying power of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. Ronald Reagan, assisted by Margaret Thatcher, implemented the sensible principle that Russia, from the time of Peter the Great, respects only strength and steely political will. A pushover in the Oval Office is the best news Russian expansionists have heard since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Barack Obama is selling out America and, by extension, the entire West. This is a catastrophe for America and the wider world

Green Smoothie

Do this everyday and add 7 years, 4 months, 18 days, and 9 hours to your life.


Save $689,353 in health care costs.


By the body getting the nutrients it truly needs, you're less hungry.


You also save $276,425 (give or take $.06) on your grocery bill.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


As a 10 year old, our family spent our vacation in New Hampshire. We always stayed at my grandparent's home. Fourty five years later, it's still fresh in my mind. Digging for worms near the red chicken coup to go fishing the following day. How exciting to find the worms and to fill the green tin bait can. For surely if we have success finding worms, tomorrow will mean trout from the streams on our fishing poles.

My brother and I walked across the street to a steam to go fishing. While the fishing was fun, we had even more fun catching frogs with our bare hands. Lots of them. My Dad let us keep the frogs. Going back home, my Dad packed them on top of the car (in a big jar) with our other luggage. We transported those frogs hundreds of miles. When we got home, my brother and I walked to a creek to let the frogs go. Of course some were dead, but the rest, when released, jumped to freedom.

I know why my Dad let us bring the frogs. It was our vacation too, and he bent to my brother's and my wishes. But what was our motivation to bring the frogs home?

Benjamin Netanyahu

I love this man.

We had George Washington during the American Revolutionary War, Winston Churchill for WWII, and now we have this great man for these troubling times.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Best Hole in Wall

This is a great hole-in-the-wall place on the other side of the 710 Freeway in Long Beach. They don't do any advertising, it's hard to get to (the first time), and the line is always long.

But if you like waiting in line, hard chairs, dirty tables and fresh reasonably priced seafood, nothing beats Berth 55.

This is Berth 55's website. I'm not paid to do this. I'm just a big fan. On Saturday or Sunday, often there is live entertainment.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation in Maui

This is the best spot in the world that I have swimmed. My wife and I touristed the road to Hana, enjoyed a luau, relaxed in the sun at our resort.

Maui is definitely one beautiful place with perfect weather.

But I don't think I would ever need or want to go back again. I hate to be nitpicky, but for some reason, it just doesn't work for me. I feel I should apologize, and I can't quite put my finger on it, Maui is not a place I would want to be.

I'll give a few thoughts anyway:

1. Maui is expensive. I've read statistics that Maui imports 70-85% of their food. I've tried to figure out why (via the internet), but can't seem to find the reason. I know that most of the fresh water in the mountains is diverted for sugar cane production. But even so, the island is so lush, some fruit trees grow wild, avocadoes grow the size of oranges, yet farming doesn't seem to be a high priority.

We saw a lot of cattle, so they were able to live off the land.

2. Being an outsider looking in, I may notice things that others living there don't notice. And it was my first time. The people don't seem happy. Maybe it's the high cost of everything. And our economy is in the toilet. But you just don't see people smile. In Puerto Rico a few years ago, one thing that surprised me was how happy the people appeared. Though less money by American standards, I could see and tell that they were generally happy.

3. On the island, we stayed in Kaanapali. What struck me was there were no boat docks. I don't know why, because there were many high end resorts. It just seems to me it would be easy enough to build, and people could then venture out to the sea for snorkling, fishing, boating and swimming.

The Lord's Table

I became a "Born Again" Christian on my 19th birthday. I got saved in a "Free Will Independent" Baptist Church. The pastor's name, Robert E Lee. The above picture is the church I got "saved" in. I was in the Air Force at that time.

After the Air Force, I lived in Boston with a Christian group. While it was the most trying time of my life, every Sunday our group would get together for "The Lord's Supper". And by far those were the most precious times of my life. What we would do at the meeting is share crackers and wine, representing the the body and blood of Christ. But what was most precious about the meeting is that people would stand up during the meeting and share what was on their mind. It was a time of openess and honesty. It was also a time of joy and love. Even though we are all different, we are special in our own way. I will never forget those times, and I yearn again experiencing openess and trust among such a group of people.

Which gets me to my blog. I would suppose some may look at this and get a good laugh. What an idiot that guy is. But it is my hope that in some small way, I can contribute just a little something that could make you think or put a smile on your face. If I do that, I consider my blog successful.

Bugger Butt's Sayin'

"I don't know why your leg is raised. I sure as hell ain't scratchin' your bellwee."

Conservative Blogs

Liberal Blogs

Daily Kos
Huffington Post

Conservative Blogs

The Other McCain

Blogs have really changed my world. And they're going to change the world. From one blog, you can connect to many other blogs. And just the little bit I read, I'm very impressed by the quality of thought and writing.

I also have "Google Reader" and I subscribe to what I think are top notch blogs. The kind of information and the quality I receive from blogs is way more that can be learned than by reading the LA Times. There is absoulutely no comparison.

The only reason I gave top billing to "Liberal Blogs" is that I wanted to be fair, though I don't know why. It's conservative blogs where I get more truth. I don't mean to sound doctrinaire, but that is the way it goes.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More on Luigi Cornaro

This was written by Hereward Carrington, an interesting man who himself deserves research: (Also he mentions Graham, the famed Sylvester Graham, the father of the Graham cracker)

In his introduction Graham demolished the opinion then held and still held by the great majority of people who give thought to the subject at all, that, "every man can ascertain, by his own experience, what is best for him, and how he ought to live; and that no general rule can be laid down, which will be equally suitable to all mankind." It should be obvious, after but a moment's reflection, that if this statement were true, our knowledge of how best to live could come only after an extensive personal experience, hence at the end of a life, largely, perhaps, misspent. It would come too late to do us any good. If there are no principles of physiology and biology that are applicable to all of us, if there are no hygienic practices that are equally good for every man, if every man is a law unto himself, so that what is one man's boon is another man's bane, then there can be no science of health, no possibility of ever learning how to live, except at the end of a long and costly period of personal experience. We would, then, be most likely to kill ourselves in trying to learn to live.

The theory as expressed in Graham's day, and as held today, is that, because there are differences in constitution, temperament, predisposition, etc., a way of life that is good for one man may prove harmful to another. If this contention is true, then are we indeed living in a reign of chaos rather than one of law and order. Graham quotes the contention of some of the people of his time that, "Some, with great regularity of habits, and temperance in diet, enjoy good health and live to great age, while others pursuing the same course, are always sickly, and die young; and, on the other hand, some, with great irregularity and intemperance, enjoy health and live to become very old. Therefore what is best for one man, may not be for another; consequently it would be impossible to prescribe any mode of living, which would be suitable to all constitutions and circumstances."

A very hasty and superficial view of the subject lends to this view the appearance of plausibility, but superficial views are never trustworthy. An honest, candid and full investigation of the subject of life and living in their relations to health, disease and length of life, will lead to a different view and to very different conclusions. For, if we go beneath the surface we shall discover the reign of law and order in the realm of life.

Graham's reply to this popular belief was that the person of good constitution who lived a temperate and sober life would enjoy good health to a ripe old age; whereas the person of feeble constitution would be less healthy and live less long. On the other hand the person with strong constitution whose life contains much that is conducive to good health, will live to advanced age despite irregularities, while the person of poor constitution who lives an irregular and decidedly unwholesome life will die young. There would seem to be no contradiction in this. As nobody's life is all bad, there being different degrees of good and bad in the mixture, length of life must be measured by the rapidity with which the life breaks down and destroys the original constitutional endowment, be it sound and vigorous or unsound and feeble. But the feeble constitution and the vigorous constitution are governed by the same laws of life. There is no logical reason why two constitutions of the same excellence shall endure to the same length of life and in the same condition of health, if one of them is treated kindly and the other abused unmercifully.

The example of Cornaro is an interesting lesson for us in that it reveals to us in dramatic fashion the fact that, even after a life of dissipation and abuse has greatly broken an originally good constitution and brought its possessor within sight of the grim reaper, a complete reversal of the ways of life, a revolution in habits, may result in such restoration of health as to prolong life in usefulness, happiness and strength for many more years. Whatever may be our view of life, we certainly cannot contend that had Cornaro continued on in his dissolute way of life, he would have regained his health and lived to the age he did. There is no reason to doubt that the prognosis of his physicians would have proved reasonably accurate had he not revolutionized his way of life. Drink, gluttony, a dissolute life these never restored health nor repaired an already greatly impaired constitution. Even small improvements in the way of life are often enough to account for improved health. Certainly no increase in the drinking, gluttony, dissolution, etc., can produce other than harm.

Unfortunately, when we offer such examples as that of Cornaro (there is the other famous one of Jenkins), people generally conclude that, where the examples are so rare, they must be accounted for upon the basis of some accidental or adventitious influence, such as parentage or fortunate circumstances. They are not yet ready to understand that what we know to be true of one man is an example in the strictest sense of the controlling power of the mode of life (Cornaro's life gives us an example of the results of two ways of life) in determining the quality and length of each individual life. Their incredulity, when such matters are presented to them, is the outgrowth of their ignorance and of the fact that they have not yet learned an abiding faith in great principles.

Certainly the thousands of examples of the saving potency of a hygienic life should be sufficient to awaken men and women to an understanding of the importance of a correct mode of living and arouse in them a desire to be freed, as much as possible, from the uncertainties of a mode of life that is based on no correct principle, the practices of which are irregular and haphazard, and is so plainly unsuccessful. If the presentation of a new edition of Cornaro's famous treatise will help in achieving this desirable awakening, it will have served a very useful purpose. Although at the time he wrote, Cornaro could have had nothing but the crudest notions of physiology and pathology, his example of the influences of the two modes of living is not crude and it should be emphasized that thousands who have read his discourses have adopted his mode of temperance and abstinence and have been greatly improved in health.

And here:

Cornaro was indeed a pioneer, and if there are some today who may think that there is nothing essentially novel in what he said, we must remember that, in his day, science, as we understand it, was almost an unknown factor; physiology had hardly been born and psychology undreamed of. Our knowledge of fasting, dietetics, food combinations, organic foods, etc., all came into being almost within the memory of men yet living - though many of the essentials were propounded by the great health reformers of the last century. (See The Fasting Story and The History of Natural Hygiene, both published by Health Research). Today we have a wealth of material to draw upon, as well as vast experience and the means of disseminating this knowledge. But when Cornaro wrote, none of this was in being. It is all the more remarkable, therefore, that he was enabled to write as he did, for the whys and hows of this method were not discovered until centuries later!

Cornaro himself, it seems, never actually fasted - merely reducing the quantity of food which he ate to an absolute minimum. The consequence was that it took him nearly a year to regain full health, whereas he could probably have achieved the same result within a month, had he taken more drastic measures. However, he did ultimately attain a state of excellent health, and for the ensuing sixty-odd years he maintained it by reason of his abstemious life. There is no reason why anyone could not do likewise!

Indeed, there is every reason why a man today should not do even better, for the things which constituted the basis of Cornaro's diet would be spurned by the modern Hygienist.


I'm not sure when Hereward Carrington wrote this, but it may have been 100 years ago, I'm not sure. Then think of what he said in his last paragraph, and realize what we know today. The idea of phytochemicals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids were not even known. We truly have it in our hands how healthy we choose to live.

One of My Favorite Reads

It was written around 500 years ago. Its wisdom is unsurpassed. "How To Live to be 100", by Luigi Cornaro

Child Protective Services

Part of an article from "The Arizona Republic"

A Peoria couple is suing Walmart and the state after they were accused of sexual abuse for taking bathtime photos of their daughters, according to court papers.

Lisa and Anthony "A.J." Demaree's three young daughters were taken away by state Child Protective Services last fall when a Walmart employee found partially nude pictures of the girls on a camera memory stick taken to the store for processing, the lawsuit claims.

Walmart turned the photos over to police and the Demarees were not allowed to see their children for several days and did not regain custody for a month while the state investigated, according to their lawyer, Richard Treon.
Treon said the images in question were part of a group of 144 photographs taken mostly the family's vacation in San Diego. He said there were seven to eight bath- and playtime photos of the girls that showed a "portion or outline or genitalia."

At the time of the incident, the girls were 5, 4 and 1 1/2.

Neither parent was charged with sexual abuse and they regained custody of their children, but the Demarees say the incident inflicted lasting harm.

In two separate lawsuits, the Demarees say the "slanderous claims" state officials made during the investigation caused them serious economic losses. They also claim to have since suffered "emotional stress, headaches, nightmares, a general feeling of malaise, shock to their nervous system, grief and depression."

"This is a parent's worst nightmare," Treon said. "This is a serious incursion on people's lives and privacy."

My Story

My son was also placed in Child Protective Services (CPS) here in CA.

He was taken from his mother (she on welfare, and had legal custody). Also taken by CPS was my son's half brother and half sister.

It was the court's wisdom that the child (my son) not be placed with his father (that's me). I was what was called, "The non-offending parent".

It was the court's thinking that the children would do best if not separated. In reality the court soon separated the children. To tell the truth, I'm not sure the court ever did place them together, making the argument for me not getting custody moot.

Until I die, I will never forget how painful it was for me to visit my son after that court hearing. I was only allowed to be with him under the watchful eye of a government employee, who was present in the room.

Imagine, your own child is taken from you. You have done no wrong. You can now see your child, but only under their watchful eye. They, who have taken your child, want to make sure you don't hurt him.

How painful can that be? And the irony. While you are the father, it is the state who has the power to take away your child, even if it's shown that you did no wrong.

I pray death upon the person who reported this to the authorities and to those responsible for taking away the Demaree's three children.

I have learned that agencies such a CPS are able to keep receiving their funds only if their numbers keep increasing.

Since my son was released from CPS, his life has been spent in prison. He is there as I write. As a child, my son had a huge fear of being alone. When we would play army, my friend one time held the door closed so my son couldn't get out. My son went absolutely berserk. I told my friend never to do that, he can't handle being alone. I cannot imagine his torment being taken by the State and being all by himself.

Little Green Footballs

From respect, to deserved lampooning.

How much I learned from his website. Especially his readers.

I still visit, only to watch the abyss to which he has fallen.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Children Could Fly!

This is a link to MIT students who sent a camera into space and could take pictures of the earth's curvature, all for under $150.

Simple, but creative genius.

I think it's possible to allow children to fly (and cheaply) without the use of an engine. In other words, man powered flight. Please read my other post about the Gossamer Albatross.

How can it be accomplished? Have children slide their arms in a small fixed wing that is filled with helium. The rest of their body would be attached to a helium filled rudder in the back. Send them down a zip line that would release them 10' above the ocean.

It's a simple idea, but if these MIT students could send a camera in outer space to take pictures, we could do this.

This link shows a home-made gas powered paraglider.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

More on Veganism

Went to Roscoe's for dinner tonight. A cross between a deli and sports bar.

After trying this vegan thing for 20 years, I have finally realized something:

Restaurants are not the place for me to go for enjoyment. If I want to do it solely to be around friends and family, fine. But to go and actually eat food, I'm kidding myself.

Sure, I have the Souplantation, buffets where I can choose, but to go in a typical restaurant, I know I'm going to be largely disappointed. I'm telling you, that's just the way it is.

If you ever were to think about going vegan, trust me--learn to do things at home. After 20 years, I'm a slowwww learner.

But all in all, if one truly wants to eat a vegan healthy diet, restaurants are not the place to go. And by vegan, I don't mean eating french fries, a hamburger without the hamburger, and a coke--though I've done that a number of times. But good whole foods. Hell, I don't even care about "organic". If the pesticides get me, so be it. I want to eat healthy, whole, fresh, non processed foods. Go to a restaurant, what's easier to order, a hamburger or an apple?

When the average person goes to a restaurant, he's making a pact with the devil. You're going to get the sweetest, saltiest, caloricly rich, high fat, alcohol, you name it food that the mind can create. And people wait in line for this.

Hell, most people already think I'm crazy enough. Maybe I'll just make a sandwich at home, sneak it in the restaurant, and eat that way. At least I won't have to defend myself to the waiter for not ordering meat.

What Do You Eat

Often times when I tell others "I'm vegan", the response is: "What do you eat?".

In the above picture, this is a snack I made for lunch. Phad thai noodles, broccoli/tofu in a peanut sauce, collard greens, 4 bean salad and chips with a guacamole dip.

J No"Leadbetter" Golf Pro

If you want to learn to golf properly, always get advice from the Professional.

911 Tribute

Samuel Barbar

This is a commercial created by Budweiser just after 9/11.

The Internet

People who don't use the internet are missing out on the greatest tool mankind has ever invented. It really saddens me when people are cavalier about this grand technology.

If you're reading this, you're probably like me, knowing well the power of the internet and its ability to democratise the world's information.

Cuban Blog

This is a blog by a girl from Cuba.

I'm interested in Cuba, partly because my wife is Cuban. And to see the difference between a free society and one that is totalitarian.

While Michael Moore creates a movie on the evilness of capitalism, and Oliver Stone makes a documentary praising Hugo Chavez , this blog above gives you a real taste of what life is like in Cuba.


The gentleman said, "I'm pleased your husband is a vegan. But, I would feel deprived if I didn't eat the foods of my culture. Food brings me much happiness. And not partaking of meats would make me unhappy". This is a conversation my wife had with another restaurant patron.

When I think about that, the person does make a good point. And perhaps for very important family gatherings I may eat the food that culture dictates, such as turkey for Thanksgiving.

But honestly, nah. Whether I eat turkey or not, doesn't make the gathering any less or more happy because I didn't participate in eating an animal. And trust me, when it comes to Thanksgiving, there's plenty to eat besides turkey.

It's not that I want to thumb my nose at our precious traditions. But I have chosen to eat consciously. More and more, others are realizing that vegans don't eat certain foods not to offend the host, but for other reasons. And when I can be in someone elses home and not made to feel guilty because I'm not eating all the foods they are eating, I have a higher respect for them. For they realize I am their guest, they respect my food choices. And they realize I don't have to eat the same way they eat for us all to have a good time.

The Burkha

I went to Walmart. This woman (or I assume a woman) was wearing a burkha.

If there's one thing I have a gut reaction to, it's seeing someone with a burqa.

It's as if they are spitting in the faces of Americans. And they know we can't do a damn thing about it.

Imagine wanting to wear christian religious garb in Saudi Arabia. Stoned to death at worse, and your head chopped off at best. They want us to be tolerant, while they are intolerant. And the muslims realize they can use our laws to get special treatment.

Muslims around the world cheered when the planes flew into the World Trade Towers. They hate the Christian West.

Islam is not a religion of peace. They want to take over the world and have all those who do not believe the way they do to be put to death or subjugated.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

In Regards To My Last Post

When it comes to "Veganism" or not eating any animals or animal by-products, it is considered to be politically left rather than right.

Web sites that I love include a website like A doctor who I highly respect is from the left.

What's funny, is that I'm from the political right. I'm conservative.

And what's even funnier is that "The Left" is supposed to be tolerant, while those on "The Right" are considered mean spirited and bigoted.

So while I can take what these people offer in the way of nutrition, they cannot do the same.

And here's my example:

It was Matthew Scully, a Republican, who wrote the speech for Sarah Palin accepting the Vice Presidential ticket for the Republican Party. Matthew Scully had been linked through VegSource (He had written an excellent book on animal suffering called "Dominion"). VegSource readers called for his expungement. All because he didn't line up with their beliefs.

Another case is John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods. He wrote an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal about health care. Because it doesn't line up with the left, they are now calling for the boycott of Whole Foods.

So this is the "Tolerant Left".

My wife is a Liberal who in every election has voted for a Democrat (except this one). She's for abortion, and against capital punishment. But it's so funny to read comments about her from "Friends" on Facebook. She's called a "Right wing republican". And believe me, from this crowd, there is nothing worse than calling someone that.

So while the Left is the party of tolerance, they are the intolerant.

Another case in point: I just read today that there is a new study confirming broccoli reduces heart disease. After the article about the study, most of the comments turned to bashing former Bush presidents. And even relating one of them to the devil.

As someone on the right, I still don't get the vile hatred for President Bush, but no question, it's palpable.

My Veganism

As a child, I grew up eating the typical American diet.

For breakfast, my mom would make my brother and I a pound of bacon, buttered toast, eggs, all washed down with milk.

This is how I ate. Everyday.

Now, for the most part, I don't eat any meat or anything that comes from an animal. Things like cheese, butter, milk, yogurt and ice cream.

It amazes me that I've made this turn-around.

For breakfast, I may have a juice comprising of spinach, carrots, celery and apple. Or cereal consisting of grape nuts, banana, blueberries, strawberries topped with pecans. My milk of choice is called "Rice Milk", which is not milk at all, but a liquid created by mixing water with brown rice and a few other ingredients.

For dinner, my wife and I went to the Soup Plantation. It's an all-you-can-eat salad bar. I had a couscous salad, broccoli salad, tomato/cucumber/onion salad, wonton salad and a big spinach salad. Along with a curry split pea soup.

I absolutely love to eat this way. For many, it is thought that I'm deprived because I don't eat the standard American diet. And at one time, I did indeed feel deprived. But not anymore. When I see others eat their rich, high protein and high fat diet, I don't miss it at all. I'm happy in the knowledge that I'm doing what is most healthy for my body.

I wish I could stay where I'm at now. I like eating this way. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, soups, salads, the choices are endless.

It was the fast that I did a few weeks ago that got me back on the right track. Sometimes I slide ever so slowly into the murky pit of eating bad foods, and it's doing a fast that brings me right back. That's why I love a fast so much. And as I come back, I find myself getting stronger and stronger.

All I can do is to try and live by my own truths. Even if it's against the status-quo. I pray I can be faithful in my beliefs.

Two Recipies

Here are two recipes of my creation. Though power packed with nutrition, they are also tasty. No food on this planet provides the nutrition of greens.

Collard Greens

add water
brown/garlic sauce (found at Asian market)

bring to boil, then simmer for 2 hours


lime juice

Blend together in food processor

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let This Speak For Itself

Sometimes words can't describe. If you just happen to come across my blog, please take a few minutes and watch this video.