Monday, September 21, 2009

The Lord's Table

I became a "Born Again" Christian on my 19th birthday. I got saved in a "Free Will Independent" Baptist Church. The pastor's name, Robert E Lee. The above picture is the church I got "saved" in. I was in the Air Force at that time.

After the Air Force, I lived in Boston with a Christian group. While it was the most trying time of my life, every Sunday our group would get together for "The Lord's Supper". And by far those were the most precious times of my life. What we would do at the meeting is share crackers and wine, representing the the body and blood of Christ. But what was most precious about the meeting is that people would stand up during the meeting and share what was on their mind. It was a time of openess and honesty. It was also a time of joy and love. Even though we are all different, we are special in our own way. I will never forget those times, and I yearn again experiencing openess and trust among such a group of people.

Which gets me to my blog. I would suppose some may look at this and get a good laugh. What an idiot that guy is. But it is my hope that in some small way, I can contribute just a little something that could make you think or put a smile on your face. If I do that, I consider my blog successful.

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