Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Reason--Internet

Another reason I love the internet. Many times I read my newspapers, look at my Google reader subscriptions and then I'm pretty much finished wondering what else to look at. Then I stumble on something that takes me into many different exciting directions. So I'm over at "Instapundit" and he links to an interview that he did via Pajamas TV. While watching the interview, I link to the author's blog, subscribe to it for my Google Reader, order the "Improv" book that he talks about from Amazon, and then order a few of his books that he's written from the library. Then I read one of his blog posts about "Just showing up", and I realize how that is useful for my business. And steps I can use both for my business and also for my Toastmaster's speech I'm giving tomorrow.

It amazes me (as I've said before) how people can be nonchalant about the internet. I would put it's importance with the industrial revolution, and it may even surpass that. And yet this technological marvel is something that many, especially the older generation, is passive about.

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