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We Are The 1%

The recent Occupy Wall Street protests have aimed their message at the income disparity between the 1% richest Americans and the rest of the country. But what happens when you expand that and look at the 1% richest of the entire world? Some really interesting numbers emerge. If there were a global Occupy Wall Street protest, people as well off as Linda Frakes might actually be the target. In America, the top 1% earn more than $380,000 per year. We are, however, among the richest nations on Earth. How much do you need to earn to be among the top 1% of the world? $34,000. That was the finding World Bank economist Branko Milanovic presented in his 2010 book The Haves and the Have-Nots. Going down the distribution ladder may be just as surprising. To be in the top half of the globe, you need to earn just $1,225 a year. For the top 20%, it's $5,000 per year. Enter the top 10% with $12,000 a year. To be included in the top 0.1% requires an annual income of $70,000. For the whole enchalada:

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Website on Health

This website is the best website on health. And it's free. The gentleman who hosts this is from Australia, and it's definitely a labor of love.


Profits are the payment for risk taking, innovation and decision-making. As such, they are a cost of business just as are wages, rent and interest. If those payments are not made, labor, land and capital will not offer their services. Similarly, if profit is not paid, entrepreneurs won't offer theirs. Historically, corporate profits range between 5 and 8 cents of each dollar, and wages range between 50 and 60 cents of each dollar.
For the rest:

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Who Lost The World--Wash Post

Moammar Gadhafi’s death last week prompted the Obama administration to trumpet the president’s competence as commander in chief and the superiority of his “small footprint,” “lead-from-behind” approach to waging war over the more traditional - and costly and messy - one pursued by George W. Bush. The bloom came off that false rose on Sunday when Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council, repeatedly declared his government’s fealty to Shariah, Islam’s brutally repressive, totalitarian political-military-legal doctrine. For more

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Andrew Klavan--The Mark of Fascism

But that such lowlifes have risen up in a time of trouble (a time whose troubles have been so badly exacerbated by the left-wing policies of the current administration) is no surprise. What is more depressing is the support they are receiving not only from this desperate failure of a president and his fellow travelers but from any number of ordinary liberals and Democrats who feel OWS expresses a vital and proper anger against the powers that be. This is nonsense. The fact that Wall Streeters have given more money to Obama than to all the GOP candidates combined should be a dead give-away that the true voice of protest in this country, the true opposition to the current cronyism between Washington, D.C. and Wall Street, is the peaceful, non-racist, liberty-loving Tea Party, which these same liberals despise.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lech Walesa OWS

Using plus other news sources, rapidly we painted an accurate picture of the groups training, leading, and organizing the “movement.” The movement is organized by anarchists, Code Pink, the American Communist movement, jihadists, anti-Israel, socialist, and anti- free enterprise interests. OWS folks are politically to the left of President Barack Obama


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Kurzweil Responds--Singularity

Kurzwel Responds: Don't Underestimate The Singularity

Last week, Paul Allen and a colleague challenged the prediction that computers will soon exceed human intelligence. Now Ray Kurzweil, the leading proponent of the “Singularity,” offers a rebuttal. — Technology Review, Oct. 10, 2011.

Although Paul Allen paraphrases my 2005 book, The Singularity Is Near, in the title of his essay (cowritten with his colleague Mark Greaves), it appears that he has not actually read the book. His only citation is to an essay I wrote in 2001 (“The Law of Accelerating Returns“) and his article does not acknowledge or respond to arguments I actually make in the book.

When my 1999 book, The Age of Spiritual Machines, was published, and augmented a couple of years later by the 2001 essay, it generated several lines of criticism, such as Moore’s law will come to an end, hardware capability may be expanding exponentially but software is stuck in the mud, the brain is too complicated, there are capabilities in the brain that inherently cannot be replicated in software, and several others. I specifically wrote The Singularity Is Near to respond to those critiques.

For the rest:

What Exactly Is Healthy Food?

The reality is we don' know. And there's much debate to what is health food. Much of the confusion is purposely done by groups with their own financial interests in mind, not the interests of the average American citizen.

We are designed to eat mostly a carbohydrate rich diet. Lots of fruit, grains, vegetables and beans. Most people think carbohydrates are the foods most to avoid. The complete opposite of what is true. Yes, avoid processed carbohydrates such as potato chips, white bread and cookies. But eat to one's heart's content unprocessed carbohydrates. That is where we get the fiber that is most needed in our diet. Fiber gives bulk to our food that allows peristalsis, the action of moving food along in our intestinal tract. The break down of carbohydrate is carbon and water, a simple process.

Meat and dairy, considered the corner stone of good health is the exact opposite. Meat and dairy are high in protein. Dr T Colin Campbell did experiments showing just by feeding mice a diet that contains 20% casein, the main protein in milk, cancer would develop. When Dr Campbell would reduce casein to 5% total calories, the cancer was shut off.

Also meat and dairy has no fiber. Therefore no bulk in these foods (fiber) and hence the eventual need to strain to pass the remnants of digestion. This eventually causes the stomach to be pushed in the chest cavity (hiatal hernia). Problems are also compounded with diverticulitis and hemorrhoids.

Also, by eating so much meat and dairy we get too much protein. And the byproducts are not simply water and carbon as in wonderful carbohydrates, but acid. Protein is a combination of amino acids that need to be broken down. And to neutralize these acids, we need calcium. Where does this calcium come from, our bones. And calcium in our bodies can be measured through a simple urine test. There's more calcium that comes out of bodies than what we take in on a meat/dairy diet. And BTW, taking calcium supplements doesn't somehow force calcium into our bones. Ever wonder how America has the highest calcium intake in the world and we suffer the greatest amount of hip fractures? And women in Africa can bear 8 kids, take no calcium, yet have healthier bones among women the same age that are in America.

And drinking the milk of another species was not the way we were meant to get our nouishment. Cow's milk is designed to take a 60 pound newborn calf and turn it into a 400 pound toddler in one year. Cow's milk not only has the dangerous protein casein, but the percentage of protein to total calories in cow's milk is 15%. And it takes a newborn calf 3 months to double in weight.

Human mother's milk is 5% protein and it takes a human newborn 6 months to double in weight. As an aside, a rat's offspring will double in weight the first week and the mother's milk is 50% protein in relation to total calories.

So that's why menarche used to be around 17-18 at the turn of the century and today it's 9-11 years old. It's by eating this high animal/dairy protein/fat diet that was never intended for us to eat. We are just flat out not designed to eat the diet that we eat today on a daily basis.

Try this immersion program for 28 days and prove it to yourself. Forget about the studies, just see for yourself.

Pavlov's Dog--Temptation

Strip away modernity/civilization and let's go back in time. Let's even forget our hunter/gatherer ancestors, but go back to when we learned how to cultivate the land. Most of our food was in the form of grains, leaves and some fruits. In fact, if it wasn't for grains, civilization would never have developed. The foods we ate back then were unprocessed. Foods tied to the land. Just as we look to animals in the wild today, one sees no obesity, for eating the foods that nature provides allows these creatures to thrive.

Biologically, all creatures are designed to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy. Fast forward to today. Come lunch time, we drive to our local fast food restaurant. It's not even necessary to get out of our car. In a year our two, we won't even have to talk into a speaker when ordering food, just past our phone over a sensor and it will read what we want for lunch (conserving energy).

As humans, food comes to us in three macro nutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fat. In premodern times that meant most of our nutrients were from carbohydrates, grains. Today our diets are high in processed foods, meats and dairy.

Enter in Pavlov's dog. Whenever Pavlov would feed his dog, he would ring a bell. Eventually he could ring the bell, and even though no food was available, the dog would salivate. Pavlov's dog is used to describe someone who merely reacts to a situation without critical thinking.

So as we're driving around town during lunch, we have many Pavlov's dogs barking at us. All the neon signs, the smells of smoke exiting the grills make us start to salivate. And our critical thinking does not kick in. Plus, since we're biologically designed to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy, it's near impossible to avoid all these temptations.

Especially when we look around and see how overweight and sick our fellow neighbor is. It's normal to take pills, to constantly tell ourselves how we need to lose weight.

Imagine though if you could apply critical thinking. That instead of eating these foods that make you sick and overweight, you ate only foods that create health. That the idea of how much food you eat gets banished from your mind. You're naturally healthy because you eat what nature and your body intended.

True health is really possible. But not if you're stuck in the pleasure trap. If you want to read a great book that describes more of what I'm saying, please read a most wonderful book called "The Pleasure Trap" by Dr Lisle and Dr Goldhammer.

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Things Only A Black Man Can Say

Black women should look outside their race for a successful man, says Stanford law professor
Last updated at 12:56 PM on 20th October 2011

Stanford law professor Ralph Richard Banks says black women should be more willing to marry men outside of their race
Black women are surging ahead of black men both socially and economically, leading to a ‘relationship crisis’, says a professor of family law.
According to Ralph Richard Banks, as black men fall behind in education and income, they become less compatible with women of the same race, leading to black females becoming the ‘most unmarried’ group in American society.

Read more:

I would disagree though. You want to find marriage material ladies? You want to marry up? Ride the Blue Line Metro from Compton to LA.

Jason Mattera Kicks Ass

Who are you with?

Human Events baby! Excellent. This man has cajones!

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From Protein Wisdom

Alinsky rode into town on a one-trick pony that the Left has since turned into its warhorse: Agitate one side’s grievances, and appeal to another side’s decency and gullibility in order to provoke the establishment, whose reaction will unite the other two. Then the community organizer charges in on his nag-turned-steed and proceeds to set the rot in motion under the banner of “progress.”
It is the very devil’s work, and Alinsky certainly made a splendid devil: unctuous and whiny at the same time, and always casting himself as the real, heroic victim standing for progress, when in fact he was a particularly nasty, cowardly kind of cultural vandal. [...]


[...] the key to Alinskyism is the whipsaw, a constantly shifting “moral center” that can argue both sides of an issue at the same time. Thus Alinsky’s love child, Barack Obama, can boast of being rich and siding with the “99%” simultaneously; attack him as one and he’ll say he’s “really” be the other. Just look what the Obama administration is doing now, claiming to suspend the “CLASS” act of Obamacare while the president swears to defend it. Intellectually absurd — but emotionally pitch-perfect: Barry as the eternal outsider, battling dark forces inimical. For Alinsky always needs a villain, even if the villain is Alinskyism itself. But what do you expect from a political philosophy that claims up is really down, in is really out, and black is really white?

Alinskyism forces the Right to always be on the defense, shadow-boxing in a hall of mirrors against a foe whose moral turpitude it refuses to credit. If Alinsky stood for anything, it was, like Lucifer, destruction; the Left’s rage is animated by its lust for demolition, and the sooner the Right stops accepting its pretensions, the quicker the real battle can finally be engaged.

For more:

More about MSM

Unless you were unconscious last week – or perhaps a Yankees, Phillies or Red Sox fan in October isolation – you’ve likely seen the extraordinary online video of a horned beast attacking a mountain biker in South Africa. It’s captivating because of the random violence and the fact that the biker only suffered a concussion

For more

No Meat, Dairy, Processed Foods, What?

Have you ever gone to the fridge and say there's nothing to eat? Of course most cultures survive on a diet a lot less varied than our own. The American Indians main staple was corn, for the Irish it was the potato, New Guinea the sweet potato. You get my drift. Our culture has abundant choices and we appreciate the bounty that other cultures have to offer. I love Thai, Vietmamese, and Indian food.

When you are trying to eat a healthy diet, keep it simple. Here's what I do. For breakfast I'll either have a juice or oatmeal cereal. For lunch, a vegan sandwich at Togo's, Subway or Sprouts. Or Baja Fresh has a side of rice and beans (no cheese) and I get guacamole along with tortillas. It's less than $5 and I load up on their salsa. For dinner, have a salad and/or soup. Learn to make a hearty lentil or split pea (No meat) soup. Sometimes after playing tennis, I'll make a smoothie consisting of banana, rice milk, pineapple (can be canned) and hershey's cocoa.

Let salad be your main dish for supper. Try to eat more greens. Learn to make a salad dressing that is so healthy you could just drink that. And most of all--Keep It Simple. It's not rocket science.

There's no pill that can accomplish what eating this way would do. High blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes would drop precipitously.

Brent Bozell: A Green Whitewash

Walter Cronkite's longtime producer Leslie Midgley once wrote that "News is what an editor decides it is." News today is what TV producers decide can help President Obama. News that hurts isn't news at all.

In the last week, network anchors like Brian Williams repeated endlessly that the "Occupy Wall Street" protests are "increasingly resonating." It’s the story reporters will declare "isn’t going away" -- and they're going to see to it. They are using their microphones like yellow Hi-Liter pens to draw attention to it.

Don't you wish journalists would do the opposite on stories they want to drop down the memory hole? You'll never hear "This story has no resonance at all." That could have been said in the brief network attention paid so far to the Obama administration’s Solyndra scandal.

Most Americans could still be fooled into thinking Solyndra is a new laundry detergent, not a failed solar energy company that took a half-billion dollars in Obama "green job" loans and went belly up. It’s another Enron.

You remember Enron. In the first two months of 2002, the Big Three networks reported a stunning 198 stories on the Enron bankruptcy. Back then, Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe was traveling from one studio to the next denouncing George W. Bush's "Enronomics" and "Enronizing" of Social Security. On CNN, "Crossfire" host Bill Press joked along: "I'm all for politicizing Enron."

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When I was a kid in the early 60s, nothing was better than going to McDonalds's. Along with Dad and Mom, my brother sister and I loaded up in the 53 Pontiac and headed across town to the only McDonald's in the area. I'd get a plain hamburger and start with 3 orders of fries. The fries back then were cooked in lard. It was the best meal and great memories I have as a child.

McDonald's didn't know any better in their early days. There is no question that by eating McDonald's food, it contributed to my cardio vascular disease (CVD). Have I seen it to know that I have CVD, no. But I do. And you do too. If you live in America, and you eat what everyone else eats in this country, you have CVD. The largest study ever in young children is the Bogalusa Heart Study. And what the study has done is taken children and performed autopsies and have shown that CVD starts as young as 2. Many don't realize that in Western countries, heart disease starts early. In fact, many believe when a heart attack occurs, it just happens and the victim just keels over and dies. No, the ground work was laid many, many years before.

In both the Korean and Vietnam wars autopsies were done on a few of our soldiers. It was found that 77% showed signs of CVD, while the other side showed none.

So tonight I went for a ride on my motorcycle and stopped in McDonald's just to observe. In comes a couple with an 8-9 year old girl. Both father and mother are obese, young mother weighing between 250-300 pounds. He proceeds to clean the fish tank and the family is given free food--large hamburgers, mcnuggets for the daughter, large fries, sodas, milkshake, and cookies. Then I watched as the stickers were pulled off the merchandise to play the monopoly game. The woman opens up this paper and her game is completely covered with stickers.

When I observe this I think McDonald's didn't know they were contributing to my heart disease when I was a child. Just like the interview I remember of Ray Kroc on the David Suskind Show smoking cigarettes--he probably didn't know at that time that smoking was dangerous to his health.

But now we know. We know that these foods that are being consumed in McDonald's are causing CVD. The evidence is irrefutable. And the owners of these franchises must know.

I'm a firm believer in free enterprise, and I'm a firm believer in people eating what they want. But I can't help but believe some of these owners of these franchises sometimes don't sleep too well at night. I mean forget the adults, peddling this stuff to our kids is reprehensible.

McDonald's, I salute you. You've fed me many good meals at a very good price. But take a step back, look past the profits, and look at the research. There can be no doubt you are a contributor to the obesity epidemic and much of the needless suffering this country is now facing.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Are We Meat Eaters?

Great Health Movie--Must See

Engine 2 Public Immersion from engine 2 diet on Vimeo.

Most doctors really don't know about nutrition. Nutrition is not required or if required it's one class in medical school. And the vast majority doctors don't eat an optimum diet.

Imagine taking your dog, cat or bird to your vet and asking him what is the ideal diet for your pet. If your vet couldn't give you an answer, you'd get another vet.

New Camera, Not on market yet

This looks like fun, I'm sure there will be some productive uses for this.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life Style Expo--Los Angeles

I attended the yearly Lifestyle Expo sponsored by From my understanding, when the internet was just getting very popular, these people at started their vegan website. Not only was it a popular vegan website but in the beginning was one of the most popular food websites on the internet. Every year they have good speakers. The likes of Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr John McDougall, Dr T Colin Campbell, Dr Ornish and Dr Esselstyn.

While it doesn't need saying these great doctors have a fantastic message to convey, what I'm most impressed with is the members of the audience. Just a small example of today. On my right was sitting this lady and her husband who are animal rights activists and were on the show "30 Days: Hunter Becomes Animal Activist". To the left of me was Dr Liz George, a doctor from Mercersburg PA who is turning her town into eating a plant based diet.

And this was just from the two sitting next to me. Everyone there I'm sure had a compelling reason to be there. While I was talking to another friend, she was conversing with a lady who owns this restaurant. Like I say, not to be a name dropper, but somehow I believe these people in their own small way are changing the world for the better. I'd really like to know who all these people are and to hear their stories.

How to pronounce a Word

Here's another reason I love the internet.

If you see a word and don't know how to pronounce it, you can go to the Merriam-Webster dictionary and actually hear the word pronounced properly.

Here is an example of the word "chyme". I always pronounced the word with the "ch" sound. Not correct. The word sounds like dime, but instead of a "d" in the beginning of the word, put in a "k"--kime.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Charles Krauthammer--Scapegoat Strategy

What do you do if you can’t run on your record — on 9 percent unemployment, stagnant growth and ruinous deficits as far as the eye can see? How to run when you are asked whether Americans are better off than they were four years ago and you are compelled to answer no?

Play the outsider. Declare yourself the underdog. Denounce Washington as if the electorate hasn’t noticed that you’ve been in charge of it for nearly three years.

But above all: Find villains.

President Obama first tried finding excuses, blaming America’s dismal condition on Japanese supply-chain interruptions, the Arab Spring, European debt and various acts of God.

Didn’t work. Sounds plaintive, defensive. Lacks fight, which is what Obama’s base lusts for above all.

Hence Obama’s new strategy: Don’t whine, blame. Attack. Indict. Accuse. Who? The rich — and their Republican protectors — for wrecking America.

In Obama’s telling, it’s the refusal of the rich to “pay their fair share” that jeopardizes Medicare. If millionaires don’t pony up, schools will crumble. Oil-drilling tax breaks are costing teachers their jobs. Corporate loopholes will gut medical research.

It’s crude. It’s Manichaean. And the left loves it. As a matter of math and logic, however, it’s ridiculous. Obama’s most coveted tax hike — an extra 3 to 4.6 percent for millionaires and billionaires (weirdly defined as individuals making more than $200,000) — would have reduced last year’s deficit (at the very most) from $1.29 trillion to $1.21 trillion. Nearly a rounding error. The oil-drilling breaks cover less than half a day’s federal spending. You could collect Obama’s favorite tax loophole — depreciation for corporate jets — for 100 years and it wouldn’t cover one month of Medicare, whose insolvency is a function of increased longevity, expensive new technology and wasteful defensive medicine caused by an insane malpractice system.

After three years, Obama’s self-proclaimed transformative social policies have yielded a desperately weak economy. What to do? Take the low road: Plutocrats are bleeding the country, and I shall rescue you from them.

Problem is, this kind of populist demagoguery is more than intellectually dishonest. It’s dangerous. Obama is opening a Pandora’s box. Popular resentment, easily stoked, is less easily controlled, especially when the basest of instincts are granted legitimacy by the nation’s leader.

Exhibit A. On Tuesday, the Democratic-controlled Senate passed punitive legislation over China’s currency. If not stopped by House Speaker John Boehner, it might have led to a trade war — a 21st-century Smoot-Hawley. Obama knows this. He has shown no appetite for a reckless tariff war. But he set the tone. Once you start hunting for villains, they can be found anywhere, particularly if they are conveniently foreign.

Exhibit B. Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin rails against Bank of America for announcing a $5-a-month debit card fee. Obama echoes the opprobrium with fine denunciations of banks and their hidden fees — except that this $5 fee is not hidden. It’s perfectly transparent.

Yet here is a leading Democratic senator advocating a run on a major (and troubled) bank — after two presidents and two Congresses sunk billions of taxpayer dollars to save failing banks. Not because they were deserving or virtuous but because they are necessary. Without banks, there is no lending. Without lending, there is no business. Without business, there are no jobs.

Exhibit C. To the villainy-of-the-rich theme emanating from Washington, a child is born: Occupy Wall Street. Starbucks-sipping, Levi’s-clad, iPhone-clutching protesters denounce corporate America even as they weep for Steve Jobs, corporate titan, billionaire eight times over.

These indignant indolents saddled with their $50,000 student loans and English degrees have decided that their lack of gainful employment is rooted in the malice of the millionaires on whose homes they are now marching — to the applause of Democrats suffering acute Tea Party envy and now salivating at the energy these big-government anarchists will presumably give their cause.

Except that the real Tea Party actually had a program — less government, less regulation, less taxation, less debt. What’s the Occupy Wall Street program? Eat the rich.

And then what? Haven’t gotten that far.

No postprandial plans. But no matter. After all, this is not about programs or policies. This is about scapegoating, a failed administration trying to save itself by blaming our troubles — and its failures — on class enemies, turning general discontent into rage against a malign few.

From the Senate to the streets, it’s working. Obama is too intelligent not to know what he started. But so long as it gives him a shot at reelection, he shows no sign of caring.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Occupy Wall Street

Nazi Party joins OWS

This from Ann Coulter

So far, the only major accomplishment of the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters is that they have finally put an end to their previous initiative, "Occupy Our Mothers' Basements."

Oddly enough for such a respectable-looking group -- a mixture of adolescents looking for a cause, public sector union members, drug dealers, criminals, teenage runaways, people who have been at every protest since the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, Andrea Dworkin look-alikes, people 95 percent of whose hair is concentrated in their ponytails and other average Democrats -- they can't even explain what they're protesting.

The protesters either treat inquiries about their purpose as a trick question, or -- worse -- instantly rattle off a series of insane causes: "No. 1, abolish capitalism; No. 2, because 9/11 was an inside job; No. 3, because Mumia is innocent ..."

Curiously, the only point universally agreed upon by the protesters and their admirers in the Democratic Party and the mainstream media is that "Occupy Wall Street" should be compared to the tea party. Yes, that would be the same tea party that has been denounced and slandered by the Democratic Party and the mainstream media for the last three years.

As a refresher: The Democratic National Committee called the tea partiers "angry mobs" and "rabid right-wing extremists." ABC said they were a "mob." CNN accused them of "rabble rousing." Harry Reid called them "evil mongers." Nancy Pelosi said they were "un-American." CNN's Anderson Cooper and every single host on MSNBC called the tea partiers a name that referred to an obscure gay sex act.

But apparently liberals couldn't even convince themselves that tea partiers were an extremist group unworthy of emulation.

At least they're embarrassed about what the OWS protesters really are: wingless, bloodsucking and parasitic. This is the flea party, not the tea party.

Contrary to all the blather you always hear about how lawless street protests and civil disobedience are part of the American tradition -- "what our troops are fighting for!" -- they are not. We are an orderly people with democratic channels at our disposal to change our government.

The very reason we have a constitutional republic is because of a mob uprising. Soon after the American Revolution, Shays' Rebellion so terrified and angered Americans that they demanded a federal government capable of crushing such mobs.

For nearly 200 years, Americans understood that they lived in a country capable of producing bad politicians and bad policies, but that was subject to change through peaceful, democratic means. There was no need to riot or storm buildings because we didn't have a king. We had a representative government.

Even when injustice existed, there were constitutional mechanisms to right wrongs.

For nearly a century after the Civil War, congressional Republicans kept introducing bills that implemented the civil rights amendments -- only to be blocked by segregationist Democrats. But then, attorney Thurgood Marshall came along and began winning cases before the Supreme Court, redeeming black Americans' constitutional rights through the judiciary.

As long as a Republican sat in the White House, those victories were enforced. In 1957, President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne to Little Rock, Ark., to walk black children to school in defiance of the segregationist, Democratic governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus -- Bill Clinton's friend.

This is what our Constitution was designed for: to use the force of the federal government to uphold the law when the states couldn't (Shays' Rebellion) or wouldn't (segregationist Democrats).

If Richard Nixon had won the 1960 election instead of John F. Kennedy -- as some say he did -- there never would have been a need for Rosa Parks, the Freedom Rides and the rest of the civil disobedience of the civil rights movement.

But as soon as the Democrats got control of the White House, enforcement of the Supreme Court's civil rights rulings came to a crashing halt. Elected Democrats in the states were free to violate legitimate constitutional rulings without interference from Democratic presidents.

The ingenious system given to us by our founding fathers faltered on the morally corrupt obstructionism of elected Democrats. They simply refused to abide by the rules -- with glee at the state level, and at the federal level, with cowardice.

Here, finally, was an appropriate case for nonviolent protest. There hasn't been another justification for civil disobedience in this country until the Supreme Court invented a "right" to abortion in Roe v. Wade -- another act of lawlessness by liberals.

(All this and more is detailed in the smash best-seller, "Demonic: How the Liberal Mobs Are Endangering America"!)

Now liberals compare their every riot, every traffic blockage, every Starbucks-window-smashing street protest to the civil rights movement –- which was only necessary because of them. These "Occupy Wall Street" ignoramuses seem to imagine they are blacks living in 1963 Alabama under Democratic governor George Wallace.

To the contrary, the Wall Street protesters have no specific objections and no serious policy proposals in a country that is governed, as Abraham Lincoln put it, "by the people." They protest because they enjoy creating mayhem, not because the law is being ignored or their rights violated without penalty by government officials.

They are not in the tradition of the tea partiers, much less our founding fathers. They are not in the tradition of the civil rights movement or Operation Rescue. They are in the tradition of Shays' Rebellion, the Weathermen and Charles Manson.

1130 Walnut, Kansas City, MO 64106

OWS-Portland--Fuck The USA

From Robin, Letter To Editor

This is from someone whom I'm proud to call a friend:

Currently, 75% of Republicans support a candidate other than Mitt Romney. The primary reason is that we question whether or not Romney is a true conservative. Most adults evolve and mature so I will give Romney the benefit of the doubt that he has morphed into a constitutional conservative. (After all, I was once a Democrat and realized the error of my way.)
It’s very frightening watching the news and seeing the widening divide between liberal and conservative values. People who attend tea party rallies want to return America to her shining glory where opportunity is available for those willing to work hard and be accountable. They want a government that lives within its means, just as they do at home. Moreover, they want secure borders to protect us from illegals seeking to take American jobs, health care and education or terrorists wanting to take American lives. Tea Partiers sing patriotic songs and baste in the glory of America’s exceptionalism. These events are peaceful. In the thousands of tea party rallies held over the years, there were few, if any, arrests.
Compare this to the occupying rallies where everyone is there for an entirely different reason but all of them have a grand sense of entitlement. There is no coherent message and many admit they are at the rally for the free food and pot. Some have admitted they are being paid to show up. A few speakers are now encouraging violence to attain their goals – it’s on video. The occupiers march in front of homes of successful people, preferring that America lower its standards so everyone can be equally poor. These events have resulted in hundreds of arrests by occupiers failing to listen to the police.
Like many conservatives, I believe the only way to save America is by electing fiscal conservatives – from the Oval Office to Congress to local elected officials. Mitt Romney may never be my first choice but if he is nominated, he will get my vote because a second Barack Obama term will destroy America. I predict that in November 2012 Republicans will get the vote of many Democrats who have no desire to switch parties but admit Obama is great at only one thing: campaigning. Americans will come together at the ballot box and elect a Republican president and a Republican Congress. Only then will the economy improve because the American people will have confidence that better days will return.
R. Marlena Bricker
Cypress CA

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protest

From National Review:

I was down at the Occupy Wall Street protest today, and never has the divide between the iPhone world and the politics world been so clear: I saw a bunch of people very well-served by their computers and telephones (very often Apple products) but undeniably shortchanged by our government-run cartel education system. And the tragedy for them — and for us — is that they will spend their energy trying to expand the sphere of the ineffective, hidebound, rent-seeking, unproductive political world, giving the Barney Franks and Tom DeLays an even stronger whip hand over the Steve Jobses and Henry Fords. And they — and we — will be poorer for it.

And to the kids camped out down on Wall Street: Look at the phone in your hand. Look at the rat-infested subway. Visit the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, then visit a housing project in the South Bronx. Which world do you want to live in?

This quote from Steve Jobs:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cooks Corner

I rode my bike to Cook's Corner this weekend. It was a hell of a lot of fun. The drive is down Santa Ana Canyon Drive and is one of the beautiful drives in Orange County.

Being that this is a new bike for me, and I haven't ridden in over 10 years, motorcycle people seem to have their own culture, their own brotherhood. When riding to Cook's Corner, riders will wave their hand to me. At first I didn't understand it, but then I realize it's a gesture of solidarity, that together we're part of a brotherhood. I'd like to carry that one step farther in that we Americans are all part of a brotherhood.

Cook's Corner is an experience. What makes it work is that it's out in the woods all by itself. No strip malls, no competing fast food joints, just Cook's Corner and it's patrons. The motorcycles are the star of the show. Outside they have a bar facing the parking lot. It's genius. They know who the star of the show is. One can stand there, make conversation, watch the bikers come in and out, and look at all the bikes. Most are Harley's.

This sounds kind of weird, and I think the impression is motorcycle riders are misfits (at least that used to be my perception), but somehow I think that ever the shit got down and dirty, these are the guys I'd want covering my back.

Here's a video I made of the experience.

VDH Post-Obama

Two of my favorite political commentators are Charles Kruthammer and Victor Davis Hanson. VDH's articles stretches out my brain and makes me learn. Just for that alone VDH is a joy to read. But even better is the VDH is right. Below is VDH's latest article:

The Parting of the Clouds

In every literary, historical or cinematic masterpiece, times must grow darkest before the sunrise and deliverance. Tolkien worked that classical theme to great effect. A sense of fatalism overtook a seemingly doomed Gondor — right before the overthrow of Barad-dûr and the dawn of a new age of men. The historian Herodotus, in literary fashion, also brilliantly juxtaposed the Greek collapse at Thermopylae (the Spartan King Leonidas’ head impaled on a stake), and the Persian firing of an abandoned Athens, with Themistocles’s sudden salvation of Western civilization at Salamis. In the classic Western film, hopelessness pervades until out of nowhere a Shane rides in.

For more

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Michael Lewis--CA and Bust

Michael Lewis is a wonderful writer. He's written Money Ball, and also The Big Short.

Here's a link to a seven page article he wrote for Vanity Fair. It's about CA, bankruptcy and public unions.

As an aside, and it's almost too hard to believe, this Friday I had to get a new battery in my car. I don't know how we got on this conversation, but the AAA guy mentioned his wife who works for another car towing company. He said that when the police pick a towing company to tow cars (when cops set up a DUI checkpoint), the towing company is required to provide food for the police.

He said that one time his wife's company because they didn't have time, they ordered a dozen pizzas for the cops at the check point. The toe truck company was informed that this wasn't acceptable, so the next time they hired a food truck to be there to cater to the police.

Worship At The Altar

Of Modern Medicine

What modern medicine has evolved to is indeed deeply impressive. And these technologies will only get better as time goes on.

But has our reverence for modern medicine drawn us into complacency and lack of responsibility? If something happens, we go see the doc and get a prescription. Pills, pills and more pills. That'll take care of the problem.

But as we look around, we question why are we one of the richest nations on the earth and beset with obesity and many chronic diseases. For one to be healthy, (i.e. no high blood pressure, low cholesterol, no pains, etc.) is considered the exception rather than the norm.

When we go to a doctor, we go because he is going to make us better. The doctor's going to tell us what is wrong with us and what we can do to make it better. Usually after the diagnosis, pills are prescribed.

A doctor's role is threefold:
1. Find out what's wrong with you.
2. Find out the cause of your sickness.
3. Doing what's necessary to make you better.

Medicine if very good at doing that when it comes to stuff like broken arms, gunshot wounds, and emergency medicine.

But for many of our pains, medicine has failed. Most visits to a doctor now are for steps 1 and 3, but step 2 is bypassed--finding the cause of the sickness. And the cause of many of our illnesses today is our modern lifestyle. Our way of eating.

Many of these diseases have taken years to happen. They did not just happen overnight. It's comes from meal after meal, year after year, assaulting our system with foods our bodies were not designed to eat. And since medicine can't cure these diseases, we're given pills. And these pills are mostly palliative, focusing on removing the pain, not on getting better.

But a lot of people are starting to understand the role of nutrition in health. And it will only be a bottom up, not a top down movement that will drive this trend. Why? Because it's opposed to modern medicines's belief system.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spectator Sports

Spectator sports is huge in America.

Rallying around teams gives us identity. We're part of something larger than ourselves.

It also gives us justification to eat a whole lot of bad foods. Why? Because if everyone else is doing it, and we're part of the tribe, than it's OK for us to do it too. And the commercials promote it just a bit too, don't you think?

From a long hard week, we deserve to take a break and watch our favorite football game. We get a chance to cheer, yell, and get emotionally invested with others.

But spectator sports has gone too far. How many do not only not play any sports themselves, but have never ever played the sport that they are so much a fan? So we know all the names of teams and all the quarterbacks. That's sad. It really is. Who's the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

I'm not trying to be a snob. I like my Polo too. But if our time is spent between working and watching sports, how much time do we give to more serious issues?

And let's be honest. Spectator sports isn't just one weekend game. It's a 24/7 all consuming lifestyle.

When I look at spectator sports today, I think of how the Romans did it to placate the masses. The same today. We mind numbingly sit there in front of the TV hour after hour, year after year, watching sports that in the grand scheme of things, really don't matter.

Have you ever gone to a sports bar, looked at all the TVs and all the different sports, and noticed that they are played outside (by outside I actually mean out of doors, or away from home), while you are indoors?

Tribes--Bill Whittle

TRIBES was written immediately after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005, and tales of appalling circumstances in New Orleans -- specifically in the Superdome -- were flying loose everywhere. A lot of those events turned out not to have happened, but the essentials remain the same: I was furious -- just plain seeing-red livid -- at some of the charges that were being hurled, and I decided to say something about what I was feeling in the middle of these accusations and recriminations.

This is likely the most controversial thing I have written. Some people have called it racist. It is precisely, continuously and emphatically anti-racist... but that card has to be played when it's the only card you hold. And there is a language warning for this one -- not something I generally require. Anyway, here it is: back by popular demand. ]

I’m generally an optimist, and it’s been my pleasure to be able to write mostly about the good and the noble things in our lives. But the events in the Gulf – of Mexico – have brought to a head a summer and a year that has been getting progressively uglier and more painful to watch.

Who can not see the way the country has changed, not since 9/11, but before that – since the 2000 election? Who cannot feel the split, the division, that rips like a shredding sail on a broken mast, canvas tearing like the sound of musketry, as the rigging falls to the deck?

This breaks my heart. It just breaks my heart into little pieces. I have said less and less as I see more and more, because deep in my core I still don’t want to believe that some Americans could willfully and consistently do such destructive things out of such petty and base motivations, things which make in time will make the horrors of New Orleans look like a flea circus in a small tent, with the much larger carnival raging unseen in the background.

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