Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No Meat, Dairy, Processed Foods, What?

Have you ever gone to the fridge and say there's nothing to eat? Of course most cultures survive on a diet a lot less varied than our own. The American Indians main staple was corn, for the Irish it was the potato, New Guinea the sweet potato. You get my drift. Our culture has abundant choices and we appreciate the bounty that other cultures have to offer. I love Thai, Vietmamese, and Indian food.

When you are trying to eat a healthy diet, keep it simple. Here's what I do. For breakfast I'll either have a juice or oatmeal cereal. For lunch, a vegan sandwich at Togo's, Subway or Sprouts. Or Baja Fresh has a side of rice and beans (no cheese) and I get guacamole along with tortillas. It's less than $5 and I load up on their salsa. For dinner, have a salad and/or soup. Learn to make a hearty lentil or split pea (No meat) soup. Sometimes after playing tennis, I'll make a smoothie consisting of banana, rice milk, pineapple (can be canned) and hershey's cocoa.

Let salad be your main dish for supper. Try to eat more greens. Learn to make a salad dressing that is so healthy you could just drink that. And most of all--Keep It Simple. It's not rocket science.

There's no pill that can accomplish what eating this way would do. High blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes would drop precipitously.

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