Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life Style Expo--Los Angeles

I attended the yearly Lifestyle Expo sponsored by From my understanding, when the internet was just getting very popular, these people at started their vegan website. Not only was it a popular vegan website but in the beginning was one of the most popular food websites on the internet. Every year they have good speakers. The likes of Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr John McDougall, Dr T Colin Campbell, Dr Ornish and Dr Esselstyn.

While it doesn't need saying these great doctors have a fantastic message to convey, what I'm most impressed with is the members of the audience. Just a small example of today. On my right was sitting this lady and her husband who are animal rights activists and were on the show "30 Days: Hunter Becomes Animal Activist". To the left of me was Dr Liz George, a doctor from Mercersburg PA who is turning her town into eating a plant based diet.

And this was just from the two sitting next to me. Everyone there I'm sure had a compelling reason to be there. While I was talking to another friend, she was conversing with a lady who owns this restaurant. Like I say, not to be a name dropper, but somehow I believe these people in their own small way are changing the world for the better. I'd really like to know who all these people are and to hear their stories.

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