Friday, October 21, 2011

What Exactly Is Healthy Food?

The reality is we don' know. And there's much debate to what is health food. Much of the confusion is purposely done by groups with their own financial interests in mind, not the interests of the average American citizen.

We are designed to eat mostly a carbohydrate rich diet. Lots of fruit, grains, vegetables and beans. Most people think carbohydrates are the foods most to avoid. The complete opposite of what is true. Yes, avoid processed carbohydrates such as potato chips, white bread and cookies. But eat to one's heart's content unprocessed carbohydrates. That is where we get the fiber that is most needed in our diet. Fiber gives bulk to our food that allows peristalsis, the action of moving food along in our intestinal tract. The break down of carbohydrate is carbon and water, a simple process.

Meat and dairy, considered the corner stone of good health is the exact opposite. Meat and dairy are high in protein. Dr T Colin Campbell did experiments showing just by feeding mice a diet that contains 20% casein, the main protein in milk, cancer would develop. When Dr Campbell would reduce casein to 5% total calories, the cancer was shut off.

Also meat and dairy has no fiber. Therefore no bulk in these foods (fiber) and hence the eventual need to strain to pass the remnants of digestion. This eventually causes the stomach to be pushed in the chest cavity (hiatal hernia). Problems are also compounded with diverticulitis and hemorrhoids.

Also, by eating so much meat and dairy we get too much protein. And the byproducts are not simply water and carbon as in wonderful carbohydrates, but acid. Protein is a combination of amino acids that need to be broken down. And to neutralize these acids, we need calcium. Where does this calcium come from, our bones. And calcium in our bodies can be measured through a simple urine test. There's more calcium that comes out of bodies than what we take in on a meat/dairy diet. And BTW, taking calcium supplements doesn't somehow force calcium into our bones. Ever wonder how America has the highest calcium intake in the world and we suffer the greatest amount of hip fractures? And women in Africa can bear 8 kids, take no calcium, yet have healthier bones among women the same age that are in America.

And drinking the milk of another species was not the way we were meant to get our nouishment. Cow's milk is designed to take a 60 pound newborn calf and turn it into a 400 pound toddler in one year. Cow's milk not only has the dangerous protein casein, but the percentage of protein to total calories in cow's milk is 15%. And it takes a newborn calf 3 months to double in weight.

Human mother's milk is 5% protein and it takes a human newborn 6 months to double in weight. As an aside, a rat's offspring will double in weight the first week and the mother's milk is 50% protein in relation to total calories.

So that's why menarche used to be around 17-18 at the turn of the century and today it's 9-11 years old. It's by eating this high animal/dairy protein/fat diet that was never intended for us to eat. We are just flat out not designed to eat the diet that we eat today on a daily basis.

Try this immersion program for 28 days and prove it to yourself. Forget about the studies, just see for yourself.

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