Sunday, September 13, 2009

More on Veganism

Went to Roscoe's for dinner tonight. A cross between a deli and sports bar.

After trying this vegan thing for 20 years, I have finally realized something:

Restaurants are not the place for me to go for enjoyment. If I want to do it solely to be around friends and family, fine. But to go and actually eat food, I'm kidding myself.

Sure, I have the Souplantation, buffets where I can choose, but to go in a typical restaurant, I know I'm going to be largely disappointed. I'm telling you, that's just the way it is.

If you ever were to think about going vegan, trust me--learn to do things at home. After 20 years, I'm a slowwww learner.

But all in all, if one truly wants to eat a vegan healthy diet, restaurants are not the place to go. And by vegan, I don't mean eating french fries, a hamburger without the hamburger, and a coke--though I've done that a number of times. But good whole foods. Hell, I don't even care about "organic". If the pesticides get me, so be it. I want to eat healthy, whole, fresh, non processed foods. Go to a restaurant, what's easier to order, a hamburger or an apple?

When the average person goes to a restaurant, he's making a pact with the devil. You're going to get the sweetest, saltiest, caloricly rich, high fat, alcohol, you name it food that the mind can create. And people wait in line for this.

Hell, most people already think I'm crazy enough. Maybe I'll just make a sandwich at home, sneak it in the restaurant, and eat that way. At least I won't have to defend myself to the waiter for not ordering meat.

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