Friday, May 11, 2012

Walmart and Solicitors

I loathe going in and out of Walmart. Pretty much it's getting to be just about any store I go to. The person outside wanting donations is always there to welcome you, not asking for anything.

 But it's all dishonest and bullshit. In the book, "Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion", the author gives several examples of persuasion. One of those is giving someone something. When someone initiates a smile, or a greeting, that is giving something. Our society is built upon these unspoken rules that if we are given something, it's natural to give something back.

 By the solicitor welcoming you on the way in to the store, he is giving you something without asking anything in return. But wait. Does he want something in return? Of course he does--your money. And by him welcoming you, a contract is implied between you and him. You get all the time to think about it while in the store, and you can bet when you walk out he'll be asking for a donation.

 Not to give it goes against the social contract. But in today's society, we must look at the rules of the contracts and see how they are used to manipulate us. It's perfectly fine to not give, in fact I would bet most of the money, if not all, is for the solicitor and him only.

 That's why I like Trader Joe's policy: No Solilciting.

 I know when at Trader Joe's I won't be given a phony "Good morning" and other bullshit by these unwelcoming fucks. Oh yeah, at Walmart, just try to go through the other door--they got your ass surrounded. That's why I duck out the plastic door they use to bring in the carts. I have nothing but contempt for those fuckers and if we didn't give, they'd leave.

Don't Donate.

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