Saturday, July 5, 2014

Food Thoughts

Been thinking about food things and thought I'd create a new post.

Isn't it weird (being a so called vegan) when I eat fruit/veggies I get comments that I'm too skinny and my diet isn't healthy.

But eating fried chicken, french fries, cokes, you get the idea--no one says a fuckin thing. It's only when I don't eat what's the status quo that all of sudden people are concerned for my health. But if I kept chowing down the hamburgers/hot dogs and chips, I wouldn't hear a word.

And we take it for granted that eating fried chicken and french fries, food that is dropped in 100% vegetable oil is healthy. To tell someone that oil, the most concentrated/processed food on the planet that it's not healthy, and they wonder what the hell I'm talking about. Don't I know that oil is healthy for the heart? What's wrong with me?

Potatoes, not allowed now on the WIC (Women, Infant, Child) program, but butter, oil, meat and dairy certainly is. Why is the potato so bad for your health it's banned? Oh, those evil carbs. Yes, the white potato is only 1% fat, has all the protein, vitamins and minerals in that one food alone.

As Gary Taubes says in one of his books, it's better to eat lard than eat broccoli. Oh yes, a meat centered diet is healthy and those evil carbs we must outlaw and stay away from. Just look at indigenous populations around the world that before industrialization suffered no obesity. The reason, they only ate bacon, steaks, soda and milk. Or possibly foods like beans, rice, potatoes.

The science is too in favor for the truth to be muffled too much longer. Instead of being labeded a freak by eating a whole foods plant based diet, in the future it might be looked on as strange eating the carcass of a cow that's been soaked in oil and butter.

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