Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vernola's Towing--Norwalk, CA

Complaint Reviews about Vernola's Towing: Here, here, and  here.

This also from Yelp.

This picture is my wife at the window at Vernola's Towing. You don't actually see a person. You stand at the window, wait for the person to talk to you, then a slat at the bottom is removed to pass though documents.

You are treated rudely, and I will give a few examples. Yesterday, I went there by myself to retrieve the vehicle, but was not successful. So today I brought my wife, along with my camera, so she could witness for herself how you're treated by these people.

First, let me say, I made a report on the internet to a website called "Ripoff Report". While at the Ripoff Report website, I noticed 3 other complaints for the same company.

Here's what I stated in my report:

My son's car was impounded 6/18/2011. My son is in Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles.
I called to get the car out of impound. Vernola's s Towing said I had to have a notorized release from my son, no exceptions. I took a Notary to the men's jail and got the document notarized. Then I go to the Cerritos Sheriff station and get the release from them. 

I take documents along with my license on 6/25/2011 at around 4:30PM to pick up car at Vernola's. You don't actually see anyone, because they are behind this thick dark glass. At first, when I hand them the documents, along with my license (my son's last name/address are the same as mine), I'm told they don't think my signed notarized document is legitimate, and they might not accept it.

There is no one there but me at this place of business. Finally, after waiting for around a half an hour, five minutes before they close (4:55), they tell me the charge is $418.00. I give them my credit card, and they tell me they will only accept cash. I explain there is no way I can go to the bank, get cash, and be back in 5 minutes. Could they please make an exception? "No".

I tell them I will return the next day, and they tell me they may not accept the document by then.

My wife and I go there today--I, with camera in hand, to record what they say. They tell me I'm not allowed to record. They were rude. The car did eventually get released to us, but before we even got to see the car, cash had to be paid up front, and you had to sign a document that says you release Vernola's Towing from any claims, actions, suits, agreements or liabilities arising from its possession.

Here's another review from Citisearch (This link explains best my experience others had). Please read for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Do you believe there's a pattern here? Could it be their rules are not to help the car owners, but to deliberately make it difficult so that fees become  high for the benefit of  Vernola's Towing?


  1. On 3/16/03 my uncle was pull over by an officer on Pico Rivera he just but the car 3 weeks ago and seams like the previous owners had a warrant arrest so when the officer run the plates of the car it came out that they were looking for the previous owners so the officer star asking to my uncle where those people are when he not even know who they were so the officer get mad and search the wallet and put the money that was inside the wallet $250 dlls And a phone number that he just bought a week ago and put them on the driver seat and left it on there while the officer check my uncle record which was clean but like he doesnt have driver license he call a vernola tow truck to be impound so before the officer finish with my uncle the driver Tow the car with the money and cell inside by the time my uncle ask the officer about that he was goon so next time we went to get the money and cell to the impound yard nothing was there no cell no money and they said the police didn't put nothing on the report so there is no way to probe it and they star talking on bad mood and saying that go to the sheriff to ask them so short story the driver stole the money and cell but I'm going to take them to court Cuse if not they are going to continue stealing from more people

    1. I almost didn't get my car out bcus I didn't have I.d! Hello the cops took it,stupid manager at vernolas!!

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