Thursday, December 19, 2013

Do Restaurants Care?

Do you think restaurants care about your health? You're smiling, right? You know restaurants don't give a shit about your health. Fact is, most people don't give a shit about their health. Or, they might think they do, but their actions speak something different.

All restaurants are unhealthy. There's not a restaurant I could walk in, and say, "I can eat anything I want here, it's all healthy". Even The Soup Plantation: The salad dressings are loaded with fat and salt. The breads are refined, loaded with salt. The soups too, excessive salt.

This is the reality of our toxic surroundings. We all think this is good for us and it's the exact opposite. Sure, we might get a little gastro reflux when we eat at these places, but we think it's generally OK. It takes years for our bodies to break down from this incessant bombardment we subject our systems to.

Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, IBD, MS, GERD, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, gall stones, appendix problems. All of these are caused by the western diet. What's the western diet? Look at what you eat. That's the western diet. Meat, milk, eggs, cheese, bread--that kind of shit.

All of these diseases can be reversed or avoided by doing only one thing: eating only foods that contain fiber. Eat a high fiber diet, avoid all the problems you see around you. All of them.

Obesity should not even exist. It should be rare to see someone obese. But in US it's actually become abnormal to be of normal weight. What we see around us we think as normal. It's not.

So by doing that one thing, eating a high fiber diet, you're restricting other things that help lead to this crisis we're in. No meat, oil, salt, sugar, dairy.

Yeah, you virtually have to be a monk in today's age to make it happen. But instead of whining, look at the big picture and study people like T L Cleave, Hugh Trowell, Denis Burkitt, Dr McDougall et al. This shit ain't no joke. If you got problems, get your ass in gear and you take control. Learn! And start eating properly.

Follow the herd if you want. Do the Adkin's, South Beach, Paleo diets if you really think that's the way to health. Or do some research, be honest with yourself, and realize where health originates and take the steps to make it happen.

BTW, you might now have relatively good heath. Possibly only one or two symptoms, or even none. But these diseases have an incubation period of many years. Eating the western diet will cause western disease. You can't escape the biological laws of cause and effect.

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