Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paleolithic Man v Western Man

In learning about nutrition oftern the conversation is about early man. I always found it a curiousity, but really I thought, who gives a shit, these guys rarely lasted beyond 20-30 years.

Now I see why it's so important to study early man. If you believe in evolution and that we evolved from millions and millions of years, it then makes sense. Man, through millenia evolved a certain diet for survival. And contrary to what many believe, it was a WFPB whole foods plant based diet.

Just as we can see the effects of smoking or alcohol, we experience daily the effects of the wrong kinds of food. We were not designed to eat the diet we eat. Just about every chronic disease we suffer is due to our diet. A diet of refined grains and restaurant foods. We eat a diet high in salt, oil and refined sugar. Daily we eat enough salt that could supply our bodies for a month. And we do this day in and day out ad nauseam. We actually believe oil is healthy for us. We do realize refined carbohydrates are bad for us, but still eat bread, cookies, cakes etc.

Chronic diseases that could be avoided: auto immune diseases such as lupus, MS. Associated heart dieseases including deep vain thrombosis, vericose veins, high blood pressure, heart attacks. The other piping system including diverticulosis, diverticulitis, crohn's disease, colitis, hemorrhoids, hiatal hernia.

All these diseases are caused by the western diet. If we started to eat a WFPB diet, these problems would likely disappear. But to eat a WFPB diet after being addicted to our Western Diet is herculean. I believe it's one of the most difficult achievments one can do in life.

Video of Dr McDougall interviewing Dr Denis Burkitt

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