Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chris Christie--For President 2012

Many conservatives like this man. But the complaint is that he's a RINO (Republican in name only). They say he's pro illegal immigration, believes in global warming and cap and trade.

Here's what I say: I care, but I don't care. What's most important to me is the American economy and especially our budget deficits. It kills me that America is so poor. And that we have to create money to pay our debts. We need to buckle down and get responsible. This man is the only person I see that is up to the challenge.

And help me out on this: Did Reagan turn America from the world's greatest lending nation to the world's greatest debtor nation?

When I voted for McCain, I voted holding my nose. This man, Chris Christie, would excite me to no end being our president. I've never seen a politician with as much common sense and courage.

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