Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pardoning Turkeys on Thanksgiving

While it's custom for the president to pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving, I find it revulsive. How dare we, from up on high, pick a turkey that won't be slaughtered for our edible delight. How dare we. And while the president is pardoning the turkey, he makes a few jokes. Yes sir, saving that lowly turkey is an act of compassion by us wonderful mortals.

Somehow I wish the tables could be turned and have that happen to our children. Let's see how much humor there is in that. "Uh, President Turkey, I hereby via executive order spare the life of this lowly human being." How funny is that.

BTW, what do you think happens to that turkey? Perhaps he gets to spend his days on a farm somewhere, I doubt it.

If you really would like to see how turkeys are raised, watch this.

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