Monday, November 22, 2010

We always do it this way

You gotta love it.

If we admit it, watching football really is quite boring. What makes it exciting is when trick plays are used and pulled off. But once a trick play is done enough, it's no longer a trick play.

The Seattle Seahawks when they were a young franchise, used a number of trick plays. They were a fun team that often out-performed their superior competition.

I'm sure we could all come up with ideas that could lead to success without following the conventional path. Here's just one I have: Have four quarterbacks on the same team rotate on each set of downs. The quarterback must be able to pass and run. Therefore you have both a runningback and a passer. And being that the quarterback is only in the game so often, he will give his peak performance. Also, since one man isn't the star of the show, he won't be paid as much, and if he gets hurt, the others can fill the void. That's just one idea, there have got to be a 1000 good ideas.

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