Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Special Day--I Met Cathy

I have always had a special affinity for the kids I went to grade school with at Mount Calvary. Being that I never went to a real high school, these kids were in my life during the magic time of my youth. It has been well over 40 years since I've seen any of these kids, even though to this day they hold a special place in my heart.

So today my wife and I spent the day in Los Angeles. We're at Pershing Square and I'm filming the tall buildings around us. A lady comes and asks if she may pet our dog. We make small talk and she tells us she is from Baltimore. I say I used to live in Maryland, and she asks where. I told her a little town called District Heights. The other lady asks, "what's your name?" I told her. We were classmates for seven years.

Her name is Cathy, (and Cathy if you read this, I'm sorry, I forget if it's Cathy or Kathy). It was great to meet someone from so long ago. Cathy let me give her a hug, and foolish me, I had a few tears. I was so happy to meet her and to talk about our past. Right there she called up her good friend Pat in Maryland, who we both went to school with, and there we are talking to our friend Pat. It was wonderful.

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