Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eat This, It's Healthy!

My friend likes to drink Bud Lite with lime. He sincerely believes because it has lime it's a health food. His average intake used to be 5-6 beers per day. Now he's on to an even healthier drink--red wine. Red wine has resveratrol, an agent believed to prolong life. And of course red wine is good for the heart, it has antioxidants.

Last night coming home from dinner out, we stopped to get a berry pie. It's healthy, its got berries in it. I'm not going to look into what the ingredients are and its quantity, but rest assured that the pie comes with lots of saturated fat, salt, white flour and processed sugars. The berries are the side show.

Salad at the Soup Plantation. The salad itself is less than 50 calories. After the dressing is applied the salad is over 500 calories and the majority of its calories is fat.

Ever notice how when we're given something it's offered with the pretense that it's healthy? Most foods, if they were to be eaten in their original state would indeed be healthy and that would be the end of it. But we're too sophisticated to eat foods simply. We'll add our sauces and turn it into a food that is deleterious to our health.

French fries. If I take a potato, cut it up and eat it, it causes raised eyebrows. But if I take that potato, cut it up into sticks, drop in oil and then serve it, it's considered normal. A food that starts at 1% fat and low in calories is turned into a food that is 50% fat and high in calories. Potatoes are the most consumed vegetable in the US. And a baked potato is healthy too. But after the sour cream, butter and bacon bits are mixed in, the potato becomes a nutritional nightmare.

Look at some of the foods that are presented to you. Though they are often presented and sound like healthy foods, take a second to think what actually is in it.

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