Sunday, December 11, 2011

when no sense makes lots of sense

Below is an article by Eric from Classical Values. I'll bet you didn't hear about this:

I hate it when important details news in events go unreported, especially when it seems that they are being deliberately unreported. Last night when I read about a gunman at Sunset and Vine shooting people at random, I figured he was either a nut or a Jihadist (which is a distinction, even though there is considerable overlap in the categories). Shootings like this don’t make sense, so naturally we want to make sense out of them. Whether it makes sense to want to make sense out of random shootings is a topic beyond the scope of this post, probably involving complex issues of human psychology, and even the survival instinct.

But either way, fool that I may be, I Just. Wanted. To. Understand

For the rest:

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