Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sebastian Thrun-New Education Model

Sebastian Thrun was a tenured professor at Stanford, who gave it up to pursue this. In his talk, he mentions the idea of the lecture being the means to teach is a model began over a 1000 years ago. The internet is shredding that model, just as the printing press was the tool that upended the way we learn. Mr Thrun gives props to Salman Khan who is the founder of Khan Academa. Here's a link to another online university. These are amazing times. Information can get into anyone's hands around the world. Today I was at the gym thinking, "My life's a bit different than man 100 years ago". I drive a scooter that gets 86mpg to the gym. While on the treadmill, I'm watching a "Live" car chase in Dallas, at the same time reading my iPad learning about the history of atomic theory.

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