Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are we going down the tubes?

This is a posting I made on another blog. I thought it would serve me to have it here too.

It is in response to someone blogging about being depressed on July 4, America's birthday:

“Depressed on the 4th of July”
Wow, when I read those words, I thought, “Great, I’m not the only one”.
I am so distraught over our country that I wonder if I’m normal. If I’m OK.
I was thinking the other day, maybe I should just not read any more blogs or news.
But folks, we’re in deep deep do-do.
We can look back at our great founding fathers, the great wars we have spilled our blood for and won, and our unprecedented climb to being the greatest country this world has ever seen.
But B. Obama said leading up to the election that he wants “to fundamentally change America” and that is what is happening right before our eyes.
His actions with Honduras, Putin, his speech in Egypt, you get the idea. I actually read today that Putin gave Bush a compliment. And my first thought was that Putin has given more kind words to Bush than our present president. Imagine the irony in that.
I really think we have a man in office that despises America and its principles.
I’m very happy in my personal life. But when I look at the larger picture, I just want to cry. I think I need to read “1984″ again.
Jul 7, 2009 - 11:13 pm

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