Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photo Technology

Today I played golf with a beginner, but he has a good attitude about golf. I asked him if he has ever filmed his golf swing.

So anyhow, I got my camera as we were rounding the corner and I filmed his swing. I came home, downloaded the movie clips to my computer, edited it in "Windows Movie Maker" and uploaded it to Youtube. Then I emailed the young man the video so he could then view his golf swing.

Also, my wife's brother and his family are in Europe. We're babysitting their dog, which they miss. I put together some still pictures along with a video to create a movie, also via WMM. Then I uploaded it to my blog, and when they visit their facebook page, they will be able to view this video of their dog.

Also, I created this photo album that cost me $6 via Walmart of the dog, and to the album I attached a DVD of the movie I created of their dog. I think they'll like it.

This is just a small example how technology can enhance our lives. And the power is in our hands.

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