Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Dream I Just Had

But first, yesterday I did a first.

I played golf and I shot under par for 9 holes. Par 36 and I shot 34--3 birdies, 1 bogey and the rest pars. It was fantastic to do it. For the reasons that I didn't do anything miraculous, I just played golf that I'm able to do. I didn't make any long putts, in fact I missed one from 4 feet and that was my lone bogey, and I did not make any of my longer putts that were indeed makeable. So the score could have been much lower. This is good, because now I've broke the mental barrier in my mind on shooting low scores. I have been playing golf for 35 years.

Now onto my dream.

Dreams are really something else. How does the mind come up with this stuff involuntarily?

So I'm staying a Greg Norman golf resort. (Greg Norman is a famous golfer, who has designed golf courses but does not have any resorts to my knowledge).

He asks me how do I like my stay. I tell him it's very nice and I mention how much I like one of the housekeepers. He's kind of saddened when I tell him that because he is going to have to let her go.

Later, I'm walking off the resort and Greg Norman pulls off to the side of the road, gets out of the car along with two other men. He tells me he brought them to give me a golf lesson.

The man that gives me a golf lesson is around 80 years old. What he does is find a hole in the ground, puts a golf ball in there, and then covers it with more dirt and grass. So, okay, how's he going to putt the ball out of this? He has a box with him that have two mice. He releases the mice, they burrow into the hole, they keep burrowing, and come out the other side with the ball. Now the guy can hit the ball.

But I'm not finished.

The other man is the old guy's son. He mentions to Greg that his restaurant just had a fire. And there are other stores in the complex of where his restaurant is. He tells Greg that the temporary air conditioning is using his restaurant without his permission for the return air. (Return air is the air used in air conditioning that returns the air to the unit to supply the conditioned space over again).

He said not only that, but the system is designed for 1800 cubic feet per minute (CFM), but the ductwork is designed only for 1700 cubic feet per minute.

Now what floors me about this dream is that I do air conditioning, so I know what he's talking about. But what fascinates me about the dream is not only would he mention CFM, but he mentioned that it was off by 100 CFM. I would, even with what I know would never even think of it. So that it came in my dream just astounds me.

Post Script: After posting and reading the post, though I talk about 2 different subjects--my golf round and my dream--they are both tied together in one way. And that is, the power of the mind. This is something I have to further explore.

One axiom I remember is: Be careful what you dream, it might come true.

In my life I've had a few big dreams and they have all come true. Moving out to California, fixing things for a living, having my own business, getting a college education, and being happily married. Those are big dreams and they have all come true.

Here are a few dreams that I now have: I want and am trying to learn how to speak Spanish. I want to learn how to speak in front of people (I'm a member of Toastmasters), and I want to travel the world and meet many interesting people. Also, I want to practice caloric restriction and for that to be a daily part of my life.

Another post script: That again is another reason I so much like blogging. If I didn't blog, I would not have put these thoughts down. Though I had a few of these thoughts, they became crystalized through my writing.

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