Saturday, July 4, 2009

CR Food Ratio

It appears many people who practice CR are believers of "The Zone" diet.

I find it distressing. While I have respect for those who pursue the discipline of CR, they might be wrong in their diet preferences.

And of course I might be wrong. That's the whole issue with honest debate.

But followers of "The Zone Diet" believe in a caloric ratio of 30, 30, 40. That is: 30% of total calories from protein, 30% from fat, and 40% from carbohydrates--the 3 macro nutrients of all food that we eat.

My goal would be much different: 10, 10, 80. That is: 10% total calories from protein, 10% from fat, and 80% from carbohydrates.

My caloric ratio is much different, but from my studies, and people who I highly respect in the field of nutrition, that is my ideal choice.

Now if anyone is reading this and is diabetic, the immediate knee-jerk response is carbohydrates are bad for me. I disagree. And here's why:

Look at populations around the world that have a high carbohydrate diet. The percentage of people in those counties that have diabetes is low. Look in our country, the percentage of people with diabetes is high. We eat little carbohydrates and lots of fat.

My belief is that each individual cell gets so weakened by the amount of fat, that even though the body produces enough insulin, it's not able to get into the weakened cells. So the problem with diabetes is not carbohydrates, but too much fat. Simple by reducing the amount of fat in the diet, and also total daily caloric intake, the fat on the body would be removed, and the disease of diabetes for a high percentage of the population would be no more.

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