Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Duplicate an object using a 3D Printer

This is crazy


A month ago I posted this, saying how fantastic it was to make a tool strictly from a printer. And I said elsewhere, in 5-10 years, this would be looked upon as quaint.

Lo and behold, less than a month later, an airplane, except for the motor, is built from a printer.

Here's another cool article

This comment from Bill Watkins at

I expect the growth of three-dimensional printers to be something like what we saw with copy machines. The first copy machine I used was in a drug store, and it was coin operated. Then, the banks made them available to customers. Today, we all have at least one in our home and one at the office.

The day will come when three-dimensional printers will be ubiquitous. You will download instructions for products from some company like Amazon. Then you will produce your good, without the need for an industrial building or a brick and mortar retailer. Producers of products that can’t be printed will print parts, reducing the demand for other producers, inventories, and shipping

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