Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Importance of Blogging

When I first started blogging, it was merely a try-out to practice writing skills and throw out a few ideas.

As time has gone by, I realize blogging is the last line of defense in the battle for democracy.

The truth will not win out on our major media air waves, in our main stream newspapers. It will be people writing on their blogs. It will be the common man that will help win back our American values. I believe we are in a war of ideas between big media and government against the common man. And the common man is rising up.

Why has newspaper subscriptions fallen? I argue the main reason is because we despise biased/slanted content. The more time passes, the more disgusted I get with big media. I now do not bother watching the news (as my mentor Dennis Prager says, "The proctologist's view of the world"). Look at my previous post. How on point is Chris Matthews. But the truth is he's biased to the left most of the time. It'd be interesting to see what he's said previously about Teabaggers. I'd bet it wasn't too promising.

I believe there's a lot more room for great thinking writers. I would love to see more of what someone says now, compared to what was said in the past. You know, like a before and after picture.

Eventually common sense and truth will win the day. At least I hope so. Man, these are weird times we live in.

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