Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The above video is a review is of a free program called Teamviewer. Click on Teamviewer and download for free.

This is whatTeamviewer does. It will allow remote access to your computer. Or vice versa. And the code to get to your computer changes each time, rendering the program safe.

So let's say you have a problem or question about your computer. And you have a friend that is knowledgeable about computers. You can give him access to your computer, and he can show you how to fix your problem.

To illustrate a few examples. My wife is going to access her mom's computer and show her how she can follow us via the computer on our flight across the United States. Also I'm teaching my wife's mom how to create videos and upload them to Youtube.

My wife has an iPad. I thought if she downloaded Teamviewer on her iPad, she and I could play scrabble together. Or imagine, I guess if the program was left on, she could be on vacation, and have access to her home computer via the iPad.

Teamviewer is an outstanding program.

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