Thursday, March 22, 2012

Main Stream Media

Many on the Left think it's ridiculous that media, that is the major newsmedia, LA Times, New York Times etc., and TV news, ABC, NBC, PBS and CBS is Left.

Here's just one small sample.

Yesterday Obama gave a talk about why not to give subsidies to oil companies. He said when you can sell oil at $3.75/gallon and pay only $1-$1.25 per barrel, there's already enough profit built in.

The fact is, oil sells for over $100/barrel. Surely it was only a mistake by Obama. In fact for most, this story will never be heard. But here's the point of this post: What if Bush had said this? You and I damn well know what would have happened. Bush would be the laughing stock all over printed and network news. Please be honest and ask yourself if that's not true.

The following day I'd be on the golf course with my liberal golf buddies laughing at how stupid Bush is. I might even try and discuss the issues he tried to expose. But it wouldn't matter. I'm SIXHERB (sexist, intolerant, xenophobic...), not worthy of serious discussion.

Much like the issue of the Catholic Church and birth control. The issue isn't about a woman taking birth control, it's about freedom of religion. The Left knows that, but in their dishonesty, want to frame it as a woman and use of birth control.

Those of you reading this that are on the Left ask yourselves this: Why does the Left so often revert to name calling instead of actually thinking of what actually the other person said and responding to that issue? Why, when someone on the Right, a conservative, is labeled as Far Right? Please notice how language shapes the narrative.

Post script from some guy:

Each day in my blog, SnyderTalk, I include a segment listing the top 5 political news items from the previous day according to diggtm. Diggtm is a social network that allows readers to share with the world what they think are the most important news items of the day. Reading the articles' titles alone reveals a sad truth. The most active and vociferous readers today, or at least the ones who frequent diggtm, are what I refer to as Obamanistas. I coined that term to identify people who see themselves as liberal to the core, think that working people owe sluggards a living without regard for circumstances, believe that an abortion (partial birth or otherwise) is just a harmless procedure that women can use if they accidentally get pregnant, have no problem with same-sex marriage or transgender "equality" under our laws, are convinced that Israel is the problem in the Middle East, blame the U.S. for most of the world's problems, and know deep down in their hearts that Barack Hussein Obama is the savior of mankind.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Obamanistas in the U.S.-maybe enough of them to win the president a second term in office. If all of them vote in November or if they have a good turnout, the GOP nominee will have a difficult time unless GOP voters get behind their nominee enthusiastically. And it doesn't matter who the nominee is. If GOP voters sit on their hands and let the Obamanistas rule the day, we can look forward to four more years of "Obama money" flowing to friends of Obama and people who are satisfied living off the real working class. We can't afford to let that happen.

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