Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Doggies

It's funny when you think back when you were a kid and what you remember.

My parents would go bowling and leave my brother and I in the alley nursery. I remember to this day the fear I had that my parents would forget about us and not return. The handle on the door of the nursery was too high for us to reach, so what I'd do is put my brother on my shoulders. We were able to make our escape to freedom.

With our older dog "Lady" we knew she suffered separation anxiety when we'd leave her. After coming home from and evening out, her joy of seeing us was in a way sad for us. You could hear her cry with happiness upon our arrival (if that makes sense).

So now we have Dulce to be with Lady. Dulce can be La Diabla (the devil) but we love her dearly. Now Lady has a sister.

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