Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Article about Prostate Cancer

This is a picture of my Mom, Dad and I.
My Mom and Dad are the ones who taught me to golf and gave me a love for that great game. It has been a great passion in my life that brings me lots of enjoyment.
Unfortunately, my father died in his late sixties, like his father before him. It was prostate cancer that took his life.
Here's a promising article: about a new technology that could possible render prostate cancer moot.
My Dad was a good father. Not perfect, but all in all, he was a hell of a guy. More than one person who knew him, came to me and said in so many words, he was one of the kindest men they had ever known.
And I loved my Dad. A friend of mine who is in his 60's has a father that is almost 90. They both still play golf but they never play with each other. For me, give me one more round with my Dad over at Andrews in MD.
Hell, while I'm at it, let's finish off the evening eating some crabs and drinking a few cervezas.
I love you Dad.

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