Friday, June 26, 2009

My Golf Day

I love to golf. Not only am I pretty good with the game, I also enjoy the camaraderie. And to be in beautiful surroundings is the icing on the cake.

So today I played with my buds and we had our usual good time. I shot 75, which for me is a pretty good score. This golf course I played is easier than others, so I tend to shoot lower on this course.

It's still my goal to shoot 72 and then to break par. And I do think I will attain that goal.

My favorite golf tournament of the year is "The Masters". It is one of golf's 4 majors, played in the beginning of April. So it is the time of Spring, beginning of longer daylight, and renewal. This year myself and some friends celebrated by going to Vegas for that weekend.

Tiger is my hero in the sport's world. I do think he will go down as golf's greatest player ever. He's not given that nod right now, but everyone believes it to be the case.

Below is a skunk that I filmed on the way to the golf course. He has a can stuck on his head and can't see where he is going.

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