Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson

So I lied.

When Michael Jackson was alive, I looked upon him as a sad weak person.

Now that he's dead, I realize next to Elvis Presley, he was one of our greatest music icons.

Look at the difference between the two: Alive--Sad & Weak___ Dead--Great Icon

It made me realize something. When someone is alive, our expectations are for more, and we demand more. When dead, we reflect on what they were, what they accomplished, and appreciate how our lives were made richer because of them.

I actually wrote another post, that I deleted, saying that Michael Jackson was selfish because he chose drugs over being there for his children.

But you know, Michael made my life richer by being who he was. And for that I thank him.

So the point I'm trying to make, I should not judge people so harshly, but accept them for who they are, and enjoy what they offer. And what they offer is themselves, whatever that may be.

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