Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bugger Butt

This is my dog "Lady MacBeth", AKA Lady Bugs, then Buggers, and finally has evolved to "Bugger Butt".

This is my first dog ever, and I must say, I've come to love my dog.

There is no question that I have never given this animal a reason not to trust me. Her commitment to me is boundless, I'm sure if the situation arose, she would give her life to save mine.

A few examples about "Bugger Butt": I'm walking her while talking to my Father in Law. As we were walking, I would tell Lady what to do and she would do it. For me, it was no big deal. But my FIL was amazed and just couldn't believe it. After I was made aware, I realized, "Yeah, Lady really does listen to all these different commands that I give her".

Another example: I'm walking her very early in the morning. Like 5 AM. There is this dog that is in his backyard that is separated from us by a fence and a hill. Now I know Lady loves this dog. When Lady gets in the area, she kind of gives out this cry in her voice. But Lady also at the same time listens to me. Now I don't usually have Lady on a leash, so I said to Lady, "Go say hi".

Now with Lady, the only time I ever tell her to "Go say hi" is when people are around and I know she wants to visit with them and they with her. So when I told her to "Go say hi", I meant that she could climb the hill and visit with her friend. But what happened was that she turned around and started running to this woman that was about 300 feet from us. I had to stop and think what the Bugger Butt was doing, then I realized Lady was going to say "hi" to the woman. I tell you, even that one astounded me.

So Lady and I are best buds. Sometimes when I get up a night I will lie down next to her. She realizes to make the most of the opportunity, rolls over on her back, sticks her legs straight up in the air, having me give her a belly rub. She loves it.

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