Monday, November 23, 2009

Ed Driscoll

Thank God for blogs. It was the blogs that exposed the lies of Dan Rather and CBS. And it will be the blogosphere exposing the fallacy of man made global warming.

Think about this. For investigative journalism that doesn't conform to the left's agenda, you will will not find it in any main stream media. It is only belatedly, after the drumbeat is so loud, they are forced to cover it. To give them a semblance of journalistic integrity.

Another thought: And this is so sad but I think telling and true. If it wasn't for blogs, talk radio and FOX, likely the person who hacked in the computer at Anglia would be prosecuted and we would have heard nothing more about it.

That is why I'd love to know what really animates President Obama. There seems no way to find his writings from the past. Look at his past associations, both his pastor and a known terrorist. His reaction to the soldiers killed in Ft Hood. Climategate is going to be huge, but hopefully in time, this is only the beginning of the truth.

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