Thursday, November 26, 2009

Funny Interview

When I watch this video, I laugh so hard that I cry. Every time. This is my sense of humor. My wife doesn't laugh at all.

It's interesting how one person finds something so funny he's rolling on the floor laughing, and the next person doesn't find it funny.

And watching the audience, they didn't find it funny either. If I was in the audience they would have had to remove me from the room. Or better yet, I would have removed myself.

One time I went to church with my Grandmother. It was a small church and the average age of the members was 80. When it came time to sing a hymn, all the members started to cackle (not sing) the song. It was so funny to me, I started laughing so hard. I tried to suppress it, but I couldn't. Then tears were pouring from my eyes. I had to leave the church and just sit outside, laughing for a few minutes. I don't know if God was edified by the singing, but I certainly was.

Now what makes the video so funny to me is this: Not that the person being interviewed had a squeaky voice. It's that the person who was doing the interview started laughing and could not stop. And he was in the unenviable position that he was leading the interview. That is what's so funny.

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