Thursday, November 12, 2009

El Palacio de los Jugos

This is my favorite restaurant, Palacio de los Jugos. Juice Palace. I love this place. It's in Miami, FL. My criteria for being a good restaurant: #1. It must be a hole in the wall.

I like watching the everyday people come to enjoy the very reasonably priced cuban food. Ropas viajas, plantains, a guy outside with a machete cutting coconuts. It's just a fun place. If you try to bargain with the guy serving the coconuts, he'll weild the machete and threaten to cut off your head.

I went there during one of Miami's famous thunder storms. From the parking lot to one of their several restaurant stalls, I had to swim. Thank God we carry scuba gear in our rental car.

My favorite are the juices. Jugo de zanahoria. Carrot juice. Any kind of juice you want, these Cubans do the real thing. Not this pussy stuff at your local juice bar.

The tables are set in rows. Good for talking to your neighbors seated near you. They ramble on in their cubanese, and I speak my gringo. Somehow we understand each other and enjoy each other's company.

Mis suegros, father and mother in law, introduced me to this great place. If you want to experience the Cuban culture, and eat some great food at low prices, this is the place.

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