Friday, November 27, 2009

Navy Seals Court Marshalled

Navy Seals are being court marshalled for abusing a prisoner

I have personally heard the chief-of-staff of the armed forces speak, and I've come to one big conclusion. The military suffers from a huge case of political correctness and the above article will so clearly demonstrate.

I think that is what happens when you become part of a large organization. Upper command wants to CMA (cover my ass) and have lost sight of what the war is all about. In fact, I don't think these leaders really realize what the war is all about. I'd would love to ask them, without given a chance to consult their PC peons, to really say what the war is about.

When you read the article, you think to yourself: No, this can't really be true. But sadly, the answer is Yes, it is true. This is why we are losing the war.

Right now Western Civ has the overwhelming fire power. I think down the road, there will be an equal balance in armaments. Then we won't be so worried about PC, and have a real war on our hands. Do you think we would have won WWII in today's political climate?

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