Sunday, November 1, 2009


Materialism. The word conjures negative thoughts. Eww, materialism, that's so bad.

I read where people who don't have anything, struggle with materialism. I would too if I didn't own anything. It's because of our grand Capitalist System that has allowed me to live a life the wealthiest of Kings could ever dream. If I pause to take thought of what one day of my life is like, how can I not be overwhelmed. That's why if there is not a God, I don't care. I'm going to give someone thanks, and it might as well be God. So Goddammit, thank you God. Thank you for this incredible life I have. Made possible by our fantastic political system, a bedrock of freedom throughout the whole world.

So the link above describes the evils of materialism. Designer shoes, owning as many houses as possible, decadence in society. (Go there yourself, read it, typical leftest BS).

Well, I do have a couple of houses. My home I live in and my vacation home. Do I want to own more homes? No. Why not? Because the cost to maintain them compared to their use doesn't make economic sense. Why own a home in China when I may only visit 10 times in my life? Wouldn't it be better to stay at the Ritz?

As regards to designer shoes. My wife and my favorite designers are called Payless Shoes and Walmart. Could we afford $500 pair of shoes? Yes. Do we buy them? No.

But as far as this never quenching desire for more things. I must say, I don't have a desire for anything. I have lived in the same home longer than anytime in my life. And I've got to tell you, I have everything I want. Of course I say no to many things, like owning a motorcycle (had 3 of those in the past), but all in all, I'm completely happy with what I have.

And I don't apologize for it. America and it's political and economic system has made it the world's envy. Now you may hate me for having a great life and that I'm unapologetic, but you anti-materialists, pick your ass up, put your feet where your mouth is, and move to Bangladesh.

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