Friday, May 21, 2010

Cuba, AZ law "brutal violation"

Well-known bastion of freedom blasts Arizona law as “brutal violation of human rights”


Maybe Raul and Fidel Castro didn’t want to wait for the Obama administration to apologize first for Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law, as they did to China earlier this week. Instead, they got a jump start on the bandwagon by having their puppet parliament pass a resolution calling the bill “racist and xenophobic,”

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Obama will not speak about the uprising for democracy in Iran. He backs down on protecting Eastern Europe to be friends with Russia. Cuba, he will allow access to all Americans. But woe unto you Israel for building on your own land. And Arizona, too bad we can't kick them out of the union. Obama will certainly go down as the worst president this country has ever elected. These coming midterm elections cannot come soon enough.

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