Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Older-Staying Healthy

When I get older, especially retired, boy, by then I'll get in really good shape. I'll have all the time I want to focus on health, and watch out Jack LaLanne.

Doesn't seem to work that way, does it? My health are habits built over a lifetime. I'm not going to eat ice cream, drink beer, sit on my ass all day long and be healthy. Health is something I have to work for, to earn on a daily basis, and it's something I've been remiss at lately, and I don't like it. I admit, my diet is restrictive compared to most, but it's a diet I believe in, and makes me content.

I always thought, "Wow, once I retire, I'm going to have so much time to work on myself". When I'm at the gym, I see old retired guys working out, but as time goes by, I never see their body shape change. Their body shape hasn't changed and it won't be changing anytime soon.

My dear friend has just gotten health insurance. He's all excited because now he's going to get all the check-ups, medications, and X rays he desires. Unfortunately, I don't believe it's going to help him. I really think the answer is here, in living a life with a certain amount of asceticism. We have so many daily choices, and we're so rich, saying "no" must be done continually.

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