Friday, June 4, 2010


I went to a bar to watch the Lakers-Celtics game.

My friend commented women aren't as pretty as they used to be. I then mentioned, "Look around the room, what do you see?".

Years ago I would travel to The Balsams resort with my parents to spend a week with family and friends. Those times were the highlight of my life. Being around good, warm and generous people was such a joy. The conversation, the laughs and fellowship was elevating.

When I'd come back home, and begin my driving around, (I do appliance repair), I was always discouraged between what I left and what was now my norm.

So with last night and the bar patrons. Bald heads, excessive tattoos and foul language. That's the norm.

I remember when I started my college career at Cerritos college. I was older than the other students and I often wore a tie to school. That's just how I was raised. All through my school years I wore a tie. At Cerritos JC, it was a matter of derision for some of the students.

But I've become californianized. My uniform of choice are jean shorts, and a white t shirt. (Purchased at Goodwill for $1.99.)

From Eric Hoffer

The chief difference between me and others is that I have plenty of time--not only because
I am without a multitude of responsibilities and without daily tasks, which demand
attention: But also because I am basically without ambition. Neither the present nor the
future has claims on me.

What I like reading about Eric Hoffer was that when he died it took the person cleaning out his room 1-2 hours to do so.

Here's another Hoffer quote:

Some people have no original ideas because they do not think well enough of themselves to consider their ideas worth noticing and developing.

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