Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Case For Home Gym

Let's say a goal would be to work out 2% of the day. Rounded off, that's 30 minutes/day of exercise. My guess is that more than 95% of us do not do this on a daily basis.

So, what about joining the 1% club? Fifteen minutes per day of exercise rounds off to 1% of our day devoted to exercise. (Add a few minutes because we think about it too;)

So if we made it a goal to be part of the 1% exercise club, the reality is, it's not worth our time to drive all the way to the gym to exercise for only 15 minutes. It'd be a waste of gas and time going to and fro.

So get on over to Craigslist and buy a piece of gym equipment that we'll use in the house for a limited time each day. It'll add up and our body will thank us.

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