Friday, November 18, 2011

Dwolla and Google Takeout

This post should actually be 2 posts, but since they're both computer related, here you go.

This first link is about a company called Dwolla. It's only a 2 year old company that charges a quarter to move money, no matter how small or large the transaction. If Dwolla is successful, though you may not of heard of it now, we will be using it in the future in our everyday lives.

This from PC Mech
A complaint I’ve had for a good long time concerning any web site where you post anything be it status updates, photos or the like is that there is no way to go to a specific part of the site, hit a button and download a copy of everything in your account for archive purposes.
Fortunately, Google has stepped up to the plate and truly does have a 1-click download-everything way to backup a bunch of your stuff. Not everything, but it’s better than nothing.
The super-easy backup Google offers is called Google Takeout.

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