Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Facebook Business Page

I've just created a Facebook (FB) business page for my appliance, ac and heating business. And I'm excited about it.

Here's why:

My customers can go to their FB page and if they have "liked" my FB business page, whenever I post they will see it on their wall. Since I operate my business out of my home instead of an actual storefront, this is the best home I've ever found for my business.

#2. I don't have to worry about emails and bother my customers with mass emails. While this would most likely engender antipathy, posting compelling ideas on my FB page creates interest. I stay in front of the customer and the customer knows where to find me if he or his friends need appliance/heating/ac service.

BTW, if you "like" me on my FB business page, I'd be grateful.

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