Sunday, January 9, 2011

Magic Moment

Magic moment--I had one last night.

Have you ever heard of the song "Magic Moments" by Perry Como? It's a happy song. If you want to be happy, listen to this song.


Why can't music by happy these days?  Because being happy is not cool, one has to have angst. Angst is to have an intense feeling of oppression, anxiety and inner turmoil. Because one lives in a nice home, has a nice car, good friends and school, it is normal to experience angst while growing up. I mean, who wouldn't have angst when one compares oneself to those living in third world countries?


Kurt Cobain seemed to capture this angst in his music. No longer is music used to uplift the human spirit, but because we're now real, getting in touch with ourselves, we see how messed up the world is, and now our job is to be filled with angst. And of course, we have lovely rap music--"Today was a good day, didn't have to use my AK"--how sweet.


Last night my wife, her friend and I are walking around downtown Brea, enjoying each other's company. As we're walking, my wife and her friend are in front of me. There is this cute little girl in the store looking out. The clothing store is colossus with its floor to ceiling windows, the little girl is almost as a doll looking out.  My wife sees her, smiles and waves. Then as I pass by, she makes eye contact with me, smiles, then raises her hand to say "hi". I wave too, as I returned a heartfelt smile to this beautiful little girl.


That was my magic moment.



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