Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Losing Weight Healthfully

In my blog, I often write about nutrition and losing weight.

How actually it's quite simple. The experience though is like looking at a mountain and saying "Boy, I could never climb that", to, once the mountain is climbed, saying "you know, it really wasn't difficult at all". I think most successful dieters would tell you that to be the case.

In many of my posts I mention that the way to losing weight is via eating food that is low on the caloric density scale. If one were to do that, and eat to satiety, one would lose weight without trying. It sounds too good to be true, because most of us believe the only way to lose weight is via portion control and suffering.

So when one adopts the method of losing weight by eating low on the calorie density scale, one starts to lose weight effortlessly. And here is where I believe it takes courage to continue eating on this path. What happens is weight is dropping so easily, one thinks, "Wow, if I don't start eating bad foods, I'm going to whither away to nothing". And that is a scary thought, but one must trust that by eating healthy and eating this way, a new normal weight will find itself.

For you, you may think that normal weight is 250, or 200 or 150 whatever. But your body will determine what it should weigh by eating healthy. And that weight might be below what you think is ideal.

You have to trust that the good foods you are putting in your body will lead you to a body weight that is truly healthy.

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