Friday, August 28, 2009

Balanced Budget, Health Care

An easy way to balance the budget. Since the budget deficit will be around 2 trillion dollars this year alone, and we can project it to be that for the next 10 years, borrow an extra 20 trillion now. Use the money to balance the budget the next 10 years. So, we’re in the hole only one year, but in the other 9, because of our fiscal responsibility, the budget is balanced. In 20 years, do the same, except using trillions, we go to quadrillions. If those Chinese haven’t figured it out now, we just have to pray they’re very slow learners.

In regards to health care. Using the 14th amendment’s “equal protection clause", the Supreme Court legalizes free health care for Mexico. The argument being that if we give free health care to Roberto, an illegal alien in the US, who’s received open-heart surgery along with surgery for his wife's breast cancer, it's only just to offer free health care to all his family. The Supreme Court, realizing that 10% of Mexico's citizens reside in the US, means that all of Mexico has at least one relative in the US. Hence, Mexico is entitled to free health care.

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